Yesterday was a day of days. After a fairly rubbish journey which meant we all got to bed at 5am the night before, it was welcomed wholeheartedly ?

This is what contentment looks like for me. A whizz across the Med on my Dad’s boat with my youngest snoozing in my arms. A rare blissful moment. ? ✨
I’ve been working quite hard recently and that combined with looking after two small girls, as any parent will tell you, has caught up with me. ?

I’ve been coming to this glorious spot since I was 2 so it feels more like home than, well, home does! ? ✨
My husband even proposed here ?

I felt my shoulders relax and my breath slow as soon as I saw the blue of the sea ? ✨
It’s going to be pretty full on with work when I get back so I’m making the most of some serious time out with my fabulous family. ✨
#feelinggrateful ?

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