Be fabulous. Be you.


At the @girltribegang #powerhour in #Thame on Wednesday night, I talked a lot about USPs and not being afraid to #bigupyourself when it comes to telling your prospective clients, customers, employers – why stop there – the world, why YOU do it better than the other people who also do what you do.

If we can make our own unique strengths combination (USC) work for us, we can turn it into our USP. Tapping into what makes you uniquely you and fabulous can pay huge dividends.

What are you drawn to? What do you love doing? What energises you? What leaves you feeling satisfied and fulfilled? At home or at work.

Whatever it is, identify it and embrace it because the chances are, it’s actually one of your strengths. If you put it work, you will be more likely to strike gold. (Ker-ching)

When we invest ALL our energy in building upon or developing the hell out of a strength, we can expect to see GREAT as opposed to just good results.

Invest the same amount of energy in a weakness or something you’d rather not be doing – I’m sorry to break it to you – but only mediocrity will ever prevail.

So bear that in mind when you sign up for that Excel course you can bothered to attend or that snoresome workshop on GDPR. Think creatively, can you do a skills swap with someone for whom these things are of genuine interest? You’d be surprised – other people will be naturally great at this stuff even if you aren’t.

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