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Happy International Women’s Day 2018. What better way to mark the day by launching a new coaching programme. Just for women, and mums in particular. Read on to find out more.

My Story

Like many expectant new mums I know, I felt I did everything in my power to prepare for motherhood. I devoured every post about pregnancy, read every book about birth and babies and listened to lectures on lactation. If you are reading this as a mother then you know only too well the futile nature of this preparation! Nothing whatsoever could have prepared me for the emergency c-section, the pain, the terror, the joy, the sleep-deprivation or indeed the overwhelming love I was about to experience. My maternity leave came and went and it became clear to me that there were also other things I hadn’t bargained for about becoming a mother. No one told me about the loss of identity and confidence in your own professional abilities that many new mums experience. Parenthood also made me think about my priorities and that ever-elusive ‘work-life balance’ HR people always seem to bang on about.

Practical Coaching Just for Mums

Having spoken to many mothers since having my two daughters, I was definitely not alone in having experienced these crises of confidence. I know that I would have really benefited from having a neutral party,  a sounding-board, (not just a well-meaning friend or family member) to talk through my personal, work and career aspirations with as a new mum. For this reason, I set up a practical coaching programme tailored to the specific needs of mothers. Throughout my entire career I have been coaching professionals in businesses; helping them increase their self awareness and enjoy fulfilling careers that both play to their strengths and align with their personal values. I often use psychometric assessments which add powerful insights to these coaching sessions. And then it struck me: why shouldn’t professional women on career breaks have access to these powerful insights too? I therefore make all these tools available to mothers who aren’t currently in a work environment, so you too can learn how to make the most of your strengths and make work and lifestyle choices that authentically align with your values. We also explore practical ways of minimising the risk of any potentially ‘de-railing’ behaviours that might throw your plans off course.

You may benefit from coaching if any of the following scenarios resonate:

  • Returning (or not returning) to work is on your mind but you have lost confidence in your own professional capabilities or strengths and aren’t sure what options are out there.
  • You have lost your sense of identity or purpose and can’t see past your (albeit vital) role of ‘Mum’.
  • You love being a mum but the seemingly relentless day-to day grind is starting to get you down. You feel stuck in a rut but really want to do something about it.
  • Your children are becoming more independent and you feel ready to rediscover your strengths and reassess your values, in order to help you work out how you want to spend your free time.
  • You would like help to achieve the holy grail that is ‘work-life balance’. You need reassurance that you can juggle all your important roles of mother, partner, income-earner, friend and family member.

Drop me a line on to find out more and book your free 30 minute consultation to see if coaching could help you.

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