The GOLD Package

The GOLD Package

Is this package for you?

The GOLD Package truly IS truly the gold standard of all my coaching packages. When I work with my clients intensively over 90 days (or intensively over 6 weeks if they really mean business!) through my S.H.I.N.E Coaching programme, they get incredible results. Their confidence levels soar, they get clarity around who they are, what they want and the steps they can take in order to be more fulfilled and successful in their professional lives. They go on to make significant changes to their careers or businesses which unlock their professional potential. In short, they shine brighter. See the testimonial at the bottom of the page to give you a flavour about what is possible if you’re able to commit 100% to your plan.

What's involved?

Using insights gleaned from a powerful psychometric tool called Hogan, I’ll help you reconnect with your unique professional values and strengths as well as those pesky blindspots that might get in the way of your success if left unchecked. These insights about your personality hold the secret to unlocking your professional potential and happiness in your career or business. We’ll use the data generated by the assessment to validate your own hunches about what your core values and strengths might be; providing you with incredible clarity around the optimal direction for your career or business.

 I’ll send you your login details for your online Hogan assessment and you’ll be able to work through the 3 questionnaires in your own time. (You’ll need about 15 mins to complete each questionnaire.) We’ll then arrange a combination of 4 x 60 min and 2 x 90 min coaching sessions, either face-to-face** if convenient or via Zoom, during which we will work through the entire S.H.I.NE programme. At sessions 3 and 4 – ‘I is for Insights’ – we’ll go through your Hogan assessment coaching insights. And during our 6th session – ‘E is for Embark’ – we’ll work together to formulate a practical, step-by step plan that you’ll be able to start implementing the very next day.

For an investment of £899* you'll get:

The Hogan psychometric tool (3 reports: Values, Strengths, De-railers) – worth £250

5 x 60 min 1:1 Coaching sessions via Zoom – worth over £600

1 x 90 min Hogan insights and coaching session via Zoom (or face to face** where convenient) – worth £150

Hogan Materials

Homework and exercises between sessions

The S.H.I.N.E Workbook of templates and theory – worth £45

A Shine Brighter tote and coaching journal – priceless!

Unlimited email support for the duration of the programme 

(*payment plans and corporate rates are available upon request. I offer a 10% discount to those on maternity leave.)

(**some face-to-face meetings may incur travel expenses)


Upgrade your package:

Access to my 6 week group online career coaching programme, Find your S.H.I.N.E, when it reopens again in October for only £99this is worth nearly £400!

Add a personalised Hogan insights recommendations report –  £150


The GOLD Package - A Client Testimonial

"I worked with Sarah in a professional capacity (i.e she has been my coach for the last couple of months). I asked Sarah for help when my mum was suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer and I was feeling as though my entire professional life had all been a bit of a pointless struggle. Despite having set up a successful business, running a “not-for-profit” group for thousands of mums to help them find work and being an advisor to the Department for Business, this very personal bolt from the blue caused me to call into question everything I was doing professionally.

Running your own business can be lonely - you don’t have a boss or someone above you telling you when you’re about to make the wrong decision and I agonised over the decisions and choices I’d made. Sarah has been Fantastic - with a capital F! Her cocktail of psychometric analysis and professional guidance, without ever actually forcing an opinion has been invaluable. 

As a direct result of her 1:1 SHINE programme I have had a huge break through. I can’t wait to get started on this next chapter. It feels totally analogous with my values, beliefs and ambition. It doesn’t mean tearing up everything that’s gone before but I’ve gone from stumbling in the dark to finding the energy to climb the mountain, break through the clouds and I'm feeling totally empowered.

Her fees are extremely reasonable, it’s a structured approach not just a series of weekly chats.I could not have got to this point without her help.
Thank you Sarah. And world watch this space...!"
Jane Johnson
Managing Director & Founder - Feel Communications