The RAINBOW Package

The Rainbow Package

Is this package for you?

The RAINBOW Package is the perfect option for you if you aren’t able to commit to a 90 day programme of coaching or are looking for a more affordable option. Many of my clients have busy lives and any ‘me time’ (yes, I class coaching as ‘me time’!) is a precious and often rare commodity! 

This tool is particularly powerful for leaders, managers or individuals running their own businesses as it also gives insight into your authentic leadership style.

This package will be hugely beneficial to you if you’re currently  suffering from Imposter Syndrome – the fear of being ‘found out’ or feeling like a fraud in your work life.

You’ll gain insights about your value and reputation in the workplace or with your clients; which will shine a light on whether or not you are showing up in an authentic way that will ultimately get you more of what you actually want.

What's involved?

Using insights gleaned from a powerful psychometric leadership tool called Hogan, I’ll help you reconnect with your unique professional values and strengths as well as those blindspots that might get in the way of your success if left unchecked. 

These insights about your personality hold the secret to unlocking your professional potential and happiness in your career or business.

Hogan’s theory is that your reputation – both positive and negative – will determine your success and happiness at work and in business. This comprehensive assessment accurately illustrates how you are currently perceived by others. 

Only when you understand your reputation at work can you appreciate how you’re currently ‘showing up’ in the eyes of others.

If you discover that your reputation doesn’t align with how you want others to see you, the tool gives you clues about the tweaks you could make to your behaviour and various strategies you could employ that will ensure you start showing up as the best version of yourself at work.

By bringing the whole and best version of yourself to work every day, you’ll do your best work and feel more fulfilled and authentic.


What to expect

I will send you your login details for your online Hogan assessment and you’ll be able to work through the 3 questionnaires in your own time. You’ll need about 15 mins to complete each questionnaire.

We’ll then arrange 2 x 1:1 coaching sessions, via Zoom, during which I’ll take you through your assessment coaching insights and feedback. 

By the end of the second session, you will have a practical, step-by-step plan that you’ll be able to start implementing the very next day.

For an investment of £599* you'll get:

  • Access to the Hogan psychometric tool (3 reports: Values, Strengths and De-railers) – worth £300
  • 2 x 1:1 Hogan insights-based coaching sessions (via Zoom or face-to-face** if convenient) – worth £400 
  • Hogan materials and handouts
  • A Shine Brighter book bag and coaching journal – priceless!

(*payment plans and corporate rates are available upon request. I offer a 10% discount if you are on maternity leave.)

Upgrade your package:

  • Add a personalised Hogan insights recommendations report –  £199
  • Upgrade to The Gold Package for even more support and insights on how you can design your best work life and unlock your potential – £599

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