SHINE ON - Don't let your sparkle fade

So you’ve completed the  S.H.I.N.E career coaching programme and you finally have real clarity about what you want and need in order to unlock your potential at work and live your best work life. You have a shiny new personalised blueprint for professional happiness and success and you’re determined to translate all these insights into action and embark on your journey to work and business happiness and success.

You’re raring to go!

But then… the washing machine breaks down, your little one comes down with yet another lurgie, your boss adds a sizeable project to your already burgeoning work load, plus you’re just plain knackered. 

In other words, life gets in the way. 

I get it. Really I do! 

The biggest frustration of so many of my clients is actually finding the time, energy and motivation to put into action all the insights they have gleaned as a result of working through the SHINE programme. 

A client said to me the other day,“If only I could have you in my pocket to keep me on track, Sarah!” 

And so the idea of the SHINE ON package came about! 

Just because your SHINE experience has come to an end, it doesn’t have to be goodbye forever! (sob!)

SHINE ON is a special support and accountability package designed entirely around you and your work or business needs. Having worked through my SHINE programme, despite their very best intentions, some of my clients struggle to maintain momentum and keep their initial spark and enthusiasm for change alight. 

This package will ensure you achieve your wildest career or business goals through a careful mix of accountability, challenge, coaching  and mentoring support.


This package is for you if you’re looking for:

  • Someone to keep you accountable and on track with your work, career or business goals
  • Support with pulling together a compelling CV,  job application or ‘elevator pitch’ where every word counts
  • Someone to help you prep for the ‘big stuff’ such as interviews, presentations or client pitches
  • Continual support to help you maintain momentum with your career and business plans
  • Monthly clarity and confidence-boosting check-in calls
  • An objective, ex-HR leader ‘work buddy‘ with whom you can work through any people challenges or crises of confidence you might be facing
  • A friendly reminder of your innate talents, strengths and the value you add through your USPs
  • Assistance in creating your own authentic personal brand and raising your profile at work or in business
  • Help with your mindset blockers; including self-limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and ‘comparisonitis’
  • work wing (wo)man or ‘fellow small business buddy‘ who has your back, whatever the weather!
  • The opportunity to revisit and recalibrate your boundaries and priorities based on your core values
  • A cheer leader and work mentor to help you grow your career or business in a way that feels authentic to you


For £99 per month or ‘unit’ (available in blocks of 3, 6 or 12) you will get:

  •  1 x 45 minute coaching call via Zoom to use as and when required (these will ‘roll over’ if you don’t use them)
  • Ad hoc support via WhatsApp or email during office hours
  • Access to discounted psychometric tools, personality assessments, public workshops and 1:1 coaching calls
If you’d like to find out more, discuss a bespoke (or design a more intensive) support package tailored to your needs, please click the button below to book a FREE 20 minute call. I’d love to hear from you.
SHINE ON - Don't let your sparkle fade