I am privileged to have worked with some brilliantly talented people over the years. Many of them have been kind enough to write recommendations for my work. These can also be found on my LinkedIn profile.

“I was facing the prospect of redundancy earlier this year – having worked at the same company for many years, the prospect of change was definitely daunting, however I knew this was an opportunity to take stock of things and really revisit what’s important to me and my career. I decided to work with Sarah to help guide me through that process … and boy am I pleased I did! Sarah has helped me work through the fog to gain clarity and pick through what it is that makes me tick and ultimately happy at work. It’s been a great experience and a real investment in myself. I would highly recommend working with Sarah on any of her courses to help focus your career thoughts, gain clarity, be accountable and have a wing woman! Thank you again, Sarah.”

Ali Brathwaite – Marketing Director

“Having recently completed Sarah’s Time to Shine online coaching programme, I can wholeheartedly recommend others consider it if they’re feeling blocked, uninspired or feel like they need a warm, supportive hand to get them back on track. I loved the methodical nature of Sarah’s framework and had multiple lightbulb moments as I worked through the different exercises. It felt so indulgent and so amazing to allow myself time to focus on what I actually want, rather than what works for everybody else and it’s given me loads of clarity about moving forwards – what to look for, what to look out for and how I can be happier in my professional life. Sarah is so passionate and engaged with your story that her energy alone fires you up and her experience and insight will definitely inspire you. I’m recommending the course to everyone I know at the moment!”

Emma Young – Sustainability Consultant & Strategist

“I worked with Sarah in a professional capacity (i.e she has been my coach for the last couple of months). I asked Sarah for help when my mum was suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer and I was feeling as though my entire professional life had all been a bit of a pointless struggle. Despite having set up a successful business, running a “not-for-profit” group for thousands of mums to help them find work and being an advisor to the Department for Business, this very personal bolt from the blue caused me to call into question everything I was doing professionally.

Running your own business can be lonely – you don’t have a boss or someone above you telling you when you’re about to make the wrong decision and I agonised over the decisions and choices I’d made. Sarah has been Fantastic – with a capital F! Her cocktail of psychometric analysis and professional guidance, without ever actually forcing an opinion has been invaluable. 

As a direct result of her 1:1 SHINE programme I have had a huge break through. I can’t wait to get started on this next chapter. It feels totally analogous with my values, beliefs and ambition. It doesn’t mean tearing up everything that’s gone before but I’ve gone from stumbling in the dark to finding the energy to climb the mountain, break through the clouds and I’m feeling totally empowered.

Her fees are extremely reasonable, it’s a structured approach not just a series of weekly chats. I could not have got to this point without her help.
Thank you, Sarah. And world watch this space…!”

Jane Johnson – Managing Director & Founder – FEEL Communications 

“I attended Sarah’s inaugural ‘Take Time to SHINE’ workshop this week and highly recommend it to anyone feeling a little lost with where they want to take their career to give a greater sense of fulfilment. A fantastic session with wonderful women, thought provoking, interesting, and with fab, relevant and engaging content. Also totally action oriented, definitely not one of those workshops you walk away from and forget about! My learnings have been whizzing away since I left! If you’re considering it, do it!”

Holly Garbett – On a Career Break

“I attended the Shine Brighter workshop on Thursday 29th Nov. Lovely evening in a really supportive environment, with a fab group of interesting women (and some excellent festive snacks!) So valuable to actually spend some time reflecting on your strengths, how these align with your values, and most importantly, what practical steps you can take to ensure you are achieving the right balance in your career. Sarah’s passion for the subject is palpable, and combined with her breadth of experience and engaging style, made this both and enjoyable and productive session. Would thoroughly recommend.”

Nina Buchan – Retail Consultant

“I engaged Sarah for some coaching recently and it has proved to be even more inspiring, helpful and useful than I could have imagined. Sarah is so wonderful at getting you to focus upon your strengths and I feel that with her help I will find the thing I truly want to do with my career (advice I should’ve had years ago!). I would thoroughly recommend her kind, shrewd and intelligent advice to anyone.”

Amy Warren – On a Career Break

“Sarah personally coached me at a career crossroads where I had lost a little of my normally high confidence. Re-identifying my career successes and strengths (my superpowers as Sarah would say!) with a fresh pair of eyes, really turned that around *cue light bulb metaphor*. Approachable, informed and warm – three of my favourite traits in a human and colleague! Sarah’s previous career successes provided absolute confidence that her guidance and help is coming from a commercial mind as well as a coaching one. I am so excited to put into practice the exercises that I suspect will have big impact. Thank you Sarah. “

Joanna Watts – &ALSO

“Thanks so much for such an incredible workshop last week! I left feeling hugely motivated. ”

Finding Your Professional Purpose Workshop Attendee

“Many thanks for the workshop, the session was really excellent, I thought it flowed really well and was a real achievement to cover, with value, that amount of content. It was also great to see so much enthusiasm for the breakout session which demonstrated how much all the delegates were bought in. I personally got a lot out of the two hours.”

Finding Your Professional Purpose Workshop Attendee

“Back at work after my second maternity leave and I felt fed-up. I was looking for something new but didn’t have a clue where to start. Sarah was fantastic. Our sessions gave me clarity on what I enjoy and what I prefer to avoid in the workplace. They also gave me language to clearly articulate my ‘ideal role’ and the confidence to approach my employer to see if this is something that they would be willing to offer me (before I started to look elsewhere). They were, and they have! I’d highly recommend Sarah’s coaching to anyone in a similar position.”

Susan – Audit Director

“Sarah spent three months with us overhauling our engagement strategy and designing the associated implementation plans. It was evident throughout her time with us that she has a valuable mix of the necessary experience, intellectual rigour, and genuine passion to deliver high impact practical interventions that really make a difference. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any business looking to move forward in this area.”

Jonathan Gill – COO, M J Mapp

“I worked with Sarah at M J Mapp in developing the employee engagement strategy. It was an absolute privilege to work with someone who managed to balance complete professionalism and vision with interest, fun, excitement and practicality. I would whole heartedly recommend Sarah to any organisation who wants to transform their staff engagement. Sarah worked with us to develop a strategic but practical approach to engagement that we could actively implement.”

Sean Greathead – Head of People and Talent, M J Mapp

“Sarah is one of those people you can genuinely say is a real pleasure to work with. She was instrumental in helping Simply Business to win the Sunday Times Best Companies award two years running and the legacy of the initiatives introduced and culture and values embedded ensure it is an inspiring place to work. That’s reflected in the consistently high employee engagement scores which are a testament to their long-running success. She is passionate about people development and talent management and her coaching sessions were highly valued by teams and individuals within the business. I’d recommend her to anyone looking to partner with a professional who truly understands people and how to get the best from them.”

Kelly Harris – Legal & Social Impact Director, Simply Business

“Sarah is incredibly passionate about people and culture. During her time at Simply Business she introduced a number of best practices, contributing to Simply Business winning #1 Sunday Times Best Company To Work For, in 2015 and 2016. I particularly enjoyed working with Sarah on the management development programme – the highlight being the Hogan assessments and Sarah’s ability to understand team dynamics and an individual’s contribution to that team”

Ian Jones – Programme Director, Simply Business

I feel incredibly privileged that I had the opportunity to work with Sarah at Simply Business. She is passionate about people and culture, making the workplace happy and fulfilling. She was instrumental in introducing a number of best practices which contributed to the company’s success in winning #1 ST Best Company To Work for 2 years in a row. Sarah is keen for her colleagues to realise their potential and enhance their careers, a team player and outstanding leader. Thank you Sarah for everything you have done for us.”

Petra Studholme – Head of Acquisition, Simply Business

“Sarah is one of those people you’re glad to say you’ve worked with, from the word go. A talented department head and People professional, Sarah has a gift for brightening the room and wrapping structure around the softer subjects – a growing concern for most forward-thinking brands. Thank you Sarah, I’ll continue to learn great stuff from you.”

Jessie (Warrener) Day – Head of Brand & Creative Hub, Simply Business

“There’s no doubt Sarah is very passionate about people and helping them reach their potential. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah, who through her skilled use of Hogan and MBTI tools, provided me with some great personal insights. Sarah’s personality is such that you can’t help but like her which is a great asset for someone doing her kind of work.”

Wayne Moore – Head of Information Security, Simply Business

“I had the pleasure of working with Sarah for a few months at Simply Business. During this time, her passion for people and achieving success through people was clear. I was particularly impressed with her facilitating skills during team building days and her use of tools such as Hogan to ensure teams work better together.”

Beatriz Montoya – Digital Marketing Director, Simply Business

“I recruited and worked with Sarah at The Digital Property Group. I can highly recommend Sarah as a Talent and Engagement specialist. Sarah is able to understand the cultural elements of a business and its people, and create a clear plan which connects employees’ goals with business objectives. Working with colleagues she defined the organisation’s values, which provided a cultural compass and behavioural framework that underpinned how our business operated, how we interacted as a team, and how we interacted with our customers. A great ‘people person’ she is also skilled in the technical aspects of Talent and Engagement having qualified in Hogan and MBTI coaching.”

Mark Milner – CEO, Landmark Information Group

“Sarah has a huge passion for the area of employee engagement and added huge value to the virtual team (of which I was executive sponsor) which drove our Culture Change programme as part of a strategic change initiative. Sarah was able to strongly represent our employees, and hold senior management to account when needed. She provided a driving force behind many deliveries and really engaged and pushed our cultural ambassador population. Sarah was also a pleasure to work with and I will miss her.”

Nick Hazell – Chief of Staff, Yahoo! Europe (until March 2010)

“Sarah is a very experienced talent development consultant who has worked on a wide range of projects to impact employee engagement, development and retention. She is passionate about making a difference and this has been evident in her work on the succession planning programme, culture programme and management development initiatives. Sarah is one of the most creative individuals I’ve worked with in addition to being a very gifted facilitator. She is a very valuable asset to any HR team!”

Carmelita Lubos – Director, Global Talent Management, Burberry

“Sarah has been a tough customer but in the best possible way. She has been very clear about what has been required to effect a major cultural shift at Yahoo and has held me to the highest standards of delivery. She is passionate about her work, highly professional and knowledgeable and has clearly built strong relationships with her internal customers.”

Professor Nick Holley – Director of CRF Learning, Corporate Research Forum

“Sarah is a passionate L&D professional. She has a strong streak of creativity and innovation, but is also very focused on getting the job done and hitting targets/achieving outcomes. Interpersonally, she was unfailingly popular at with tremendous people-orientation and passion for the brand. It was a loss when she left us. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

Ian McCaig – CEO, (until December 2010)

“Sarah’s intellectual and interpersonal gifts made her a real pleasure to work with; her enthusiasm, creativity and energy made her a real asset to the OD team. Apart from her undoubted skills, particularly in the areas of talent management and employee engagement, Sarah’s collaborative approach, vitality and humour were real enablers in the environment.”

Stephen Marsh – Head of People Development and Engagement, AQA