What we do

We provide practical coaching support to mothers and their employers, ensuring brilliant women can fulfil their professional potential and shine even brighter. We future-proof organisations by helping them create unique and extraordinary workplace cultures where the best people - even parents! - will thrive and grow.

  • Returning Mothers Support

    Returning Mothers Support

    We help organisations retain their critical female talent by better supporting their returning mothers. Our bespoke Maternity Coaching and Returner Programmes provide practical and emotional support to ensure that talented women can return to work with confidence and get back to business. We're redefining the return to work.

  • Culture, Employee Engagement & Development

    Culture, Employee Engagement & Development

    We work with organisations to create bespoke and sustainable culture, talent development and engagement strategies. These initiatives and coaching programmes help align your company's internal values authentically with your workplace culture. The corollary is inclusive, high-performance workplaces. We're reimagining the workplace.

  • Career & Confidence Coaching For Mums

    Career & Confidence Coaching For Mums

    We provide practical, supportive career and confidence coaching to brilliant mothers; helping them fulfil their professional potential. For when you want to reconnect with your unique strengths and values, reignite or redirect your career, start your own business or return to a flexible role that works for you and your family. We're rediscovering mojos. One at a time.



Shine Brighter Consulting was founded by me, Sarah Clarke, in 2016.

I have worked in the fields of employee engagement, coaching and organisational and talent development for over 15 years. I am proud to have led the team that achieved the #1 ranking in The Sunday Times Best Companies to work for listings for 2015 and 2016. I am also a qualified strengths and performance coach and certified to conduct MBTI, Hogan and Gallup’s CliftonStrengths psychometric assessments. Before becoming a freelance consultant, I worked at several fast-paced and dynamic organisations, each one with their own unique and vibrant culture. All of these companies epitomise innovation, passion and creativity and these values have helped shape my own work philosophy. I live in Buckinghamshire with my husband and two young daughters.

Clients and Experience


Musings about the worlds of coaching and motherhood.

  • Newsflash! Anxiety can be helpful.

    Monday was National Stress Awareness Day, so it feels like the right time to talk about all things stress and anxiety, and their impact on your ability to reach your professional potential. Whether you’re running your own business or building a career. As a strengths and career coach, many of the psychometric tools I use to help […]

  • Don’t let your weaknesses undermine your confidence

    In my last article, Curating a Confident Mindset Through Your Strengths, you may recall how we examined the power of positive psychology and strengths-building versus weakness-fixing. In other words, how when we play to our strengths every day we can expect to experience higher levels of satisfaction, deliver better quality outputs and therefore boost the […]