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If you're a warm-hearted, purpose-led future or fledgling female founder, I'll help you design a happy, YOU-shaped business.

A profitable, purpose-led business that makes you happy but also leaves a dent in the world.

I'm Sarah Clarke, the self-appointed Work Happiness Coach™️, and I'm proud to have been featured in:

Ways we can work together

An intimate, 6-month group programme for future or fledgling female founders.

Whether you’re thinking of leaving your corporate 9-5 to work for yourself or you’re already self-employed but feeling a bit lost, The Orchard will provide you with a clear step-by-step, nature-inspired strategy to grow your seed of an idea or fledgling start-up into a happy, profitable, purpose-led business in as little as 2 hours a week. 

A hybrid programme with 12 modules of self-directed course content, group coaching, guest experts, a friendly community and optional 1:1 support. 

From £249/ month

Perfect for when you’re feeling lost in your career.

Reconnect with your authentic self, boost your confidence and gain real clarity in your career. Identify your values, innate strengths, personality preferences and purpose. Create your unique Work Happiness Blueprint© and use it to formulate a practical plan to start living your best work life.

Choose from 4, 5 or 6 months of intimate, high-level 1:1 support; with or without psychometric insights.

From £450/month

My affordable, self-directed career & personal development coaching membership, The Shine Collective. 

You’ll get access to a powerful library of career and personal development resources including; coaching workbooks, nearly 30 hours of pre-recorded masterclasses, monthly live-taught workshops, guest speaker sessions & an optional supportive ‘members only’ community on Facebook.

There’s also a monthly group coaching call where you’ll consolidate your learning, ask questions and access accountability and support.

From £49/month

If you've been googling 'career coach' or 'how do you start a business?' the chances are, you're probably looking to make some significant changes in your work life.

If so, you've come to the right place.

Thinking of starting or growing a happy,
YOU-shaped business in 2022?

Download my FREE Workbook below to get you started.

Do you ever find yourself dreaming about leaving the drudge of the corporate world and starting your own purpose-led business? Are you struggling to cut through all the advice/ noise out there? Maybe you’re a fledgling founder and have lost your mojo?
In this part guide, part coaching workbook, I share 5 nature-inspired steps to get you started on what I promise will be the best (and last) career move you ever make. ✨

The corporate world often causes free-spirited, big-hearted women like you and me to forget just how golden we are.

The stardust we’re really made of.
How brightly we can shine. ✨

When we’re allowed to be our best, authentic selves every day; instead of being expected to toe the line, play the game, shape-shift to fit in, and even sacrifice family life to be deemed as committed, ‘successful’ or ‘ambitious’.

I’ve found (as have many of my clients) that the best way to find true happiness in your work life is by working for yourself.

First things first.
Let's check you're in the right place...
Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re a professional woman who has become horribly disillusioned with the patriarchal, outdated world of work.


You long for your work life to actually nourish your personal and family; and not jar awkwardly against it.


You’ve lost touch with your more intuitive side after years having been told to ‘present the data to back that up’.


You may have been a sensitive, little girl who was often ‘away with the fairies’, loved making dens and mud pies, spending time in nature.


You catch glimpses of her now in your daughter or niece, but that little girl feels like a stranger to you these days.


You’ve grown a thicker skin because this has been the only way to survive in a working world that discourages emotion, which has dampened your ability to really ‘feel’ and be yourself.


Quite frankly, you know deep down you could do business a far better way, given half the chance (and a gentle, supportive nudge in the right direction.)

How to feel more confident

If you found yourself nodding along to any (or all!) of the above, don't panic.

You're in the right place. I've been exactly where you are now.

But perhaps more importantly,
I can help.

Having a work wobble?

Whether you already run your own business or you work for someone else, over time things can sometimes start to feel out of kilter. Before you know it, a tiny niggle of discontent can become a persistent and shouty voice of unhappiness in your life.

 This feeling in your work life is usually a sign that there’s some kind of misalignment between the work you’re doing, the way that you’re doing it and who you truly are. Your best authentic self.

But how do you identify the precise source of this misalignment so that you can do something about it?

I believe there are five key ingredients that make for a happy, successful and fulfilling work life.  And each of us will have our own unique ‘flavour’ of these ingredients. The trick is to identify what yours are and then bake them into what I refer to as your Work Happiness Blueprint©; your very own unique recipe for work happiness and success in your business.

(Phew, that was a lot of baking analogies!) 

Through friendly, intuitive but science-backed coaching & psychometric analysis; I'll help you shape, start & grow a happy profitable, purpose-led business, that's truly 'you-shaped'.

Read on if you're ready to...

Explore working for yourself or keen to make a change in your current business

Align your work life with your personality & purpose, so you your work becomes an extension of who you are


Get unstuck, reconnect with your identity & unique value - creating more happiness & success in your professional life by starting your own business.

After working with me, you’ll be able to articulate confidently and clearly:

  • Who you are – What makes you tick: your personality preferences, innate talents and strengths.
  • What’s important to you and what makes you happy – What your core values are: Your ‘North Star’ and motivations.
  • Your unique value in the world of work and business – What makes you special, valuable and different.
  • What you were put on earth to do – Your professional purpose or ‘why’.
  • The exact steps you should take in order to create more happiness and success – by starting or re-designing your own business. 

My signature S.H.I.N.E Coaching Programmes

Work Happiness Blueprint

Through my signature S.H.I.N.E 1:1 programmes, membership and workshops, I’ve helped hundreds of brilliant women get unstuck, confident and clear on their next steps professionally. 

They have all redesigned their work lives around their own unique Work Happiness Blueprint © which reflects their individual personality, purpose and definition of work happiness. And many have chosen to start their own businesses.

You can start designing your own Work Happiness Blueprint© and learn how to“How to grow a happy, you-shaped business”  by downloading my FREE workbook by clicking on the black button below.

"After Sarah's help I now feel fearless, exuberant, flying."
" I feel so much more empowered by having unlocked what my strengths/ USPs are and have uncovered what makes me tick at work and what doesn't"
Lucy Dell
Account Manager

1:1 Coaching
"As a direct result of her 1:1 SHINE programme I have had a huge break through. I can’t wait to get started on this next chapter. It feels totally analogous with my values, beliefs and ambition."

What outcomes you can expect

I devised my signature S.H.I.N.E coaching framework back in 2017 to help me personally find more confidence, clarity – and ultimately happiness and success! – in my own work life after I was made redundant whilst newly pregnant back in 2016.

I used it to create my own Work Happiness Blueprint© and then design and grow a successful coaching business that is completely aligned with who I am, what I’m great at and what I stand for.

And although you might expect me to say this, I’ve honestly never been happier in the whole of my 20 year career. (plus, I now have way more balance and earn more than I did in my corporate Head of Talent role!) 

This signature S.H.I.N.E coaching framework has now helped hundreds of clients create more happiness, confidence and success in their work lives, and I promise it can help you too.

After working with me, you’ll know how to:

  • Design a work-life to fit in around the lifestyle you crave, your loved ones and your happiness
  • Build strong, sustainable business foundations by uncovering your unique story, purpose & values
  • Define your authentic, purpose-led mission and clarify your you-shaped brand messaging
  • Identify amazing ideal clients you want to work with and effortlessly attract them with magnetic content
  • Uncover your unique blend of strengths, skills and experience that your ideal clients will pay you for
  • Package your uniqueness into products and services you’ll love to offer (and your dream clients will love to buy)
  • Use hustle-free, feel-good marketing and sales strategies that align with your personality, strengths and values
"Sarah gave me the confidence to make some significant changes that I'd previously been too apprehensive to approach, and I couldn't be happier that I did."
Jenni Honeyben
Children's Emotions Coach

Group Coaching
"Working with Sarah has really helped clarify who I am,
what’s important to me and the value I have."
Sophie Allard
Senior Marketing Leader to Engagement & Leadership Coach

1:1 Coaching
"What I have learned about myself and my professional self has simply been transformational.."
alison esson
Alison Esson
Senior Manager - Insurance

1:1 Leadership Coaching

I''d love to help you unlock your unique potential by
designing a happy & successful business that aligns authentically with your personality & professional purpose.

All on your terms.

"After working with Sarah, I now have a greater understanding of who I am, my talents and strengths, the value I can place on my unique selling points and what work happiness means for me. I’m now approaching the job market with a clear sense of direction, confidence and more importantly excitement!"
Vanessa Minchin
Solutions Delivery Manager

1:1 Coaching
"I got to know myself better, rediscovered and found new strengths and values, and got a deeper understanding of how to get the most out of work to make it work for me."
Natalie Daring
Engagement Director - Cultural Programming

1:1 Coaching
"Coaching with Sarah saw me go through the programme and gave me the confidence to make life-changing decisions, to focus on what makes me happy and be brave in setting up a business. I would highly recommending working with Sarah and being part of any programme she runs!"
Bex Whitehead
Communications Director to Career & Life Coach

Ways we can work together

The Orchard is a nature-inspired, intimate 6-month, group coaching community and programme, grounded in science and designed especially for future and fledgling female founders. 

You’ll learn everything you need to leave your 9-5 job and then confidently shape, start and grow a happy, profitable business in as little as 2 hours per week.

Whether you’re thinking of leaving your corporate 9-5 to work for yourself or you’re already self-employed but feeling a bit lost, The Orchard will provide you with a clear step-by-step, nature-inspired strategy to grow your seed of an idea or fledgling start-up into a profitable, purpose-led business. On your terms.

Reconnect with your personality, purpose and unique value in the world of work. Create  your own Work Happiness Blueprint © and use it to shape, start and grow a happy, you-shaped business.

On your terms. Get unstuck, confident of your unique value, aligned with your purpose and clear on the exact steps you’ll need to take to shape, start and grow your business.

In The SHINE Collective, my affordable, self-directed career coaching membership, you’ll get access to a powerful library of career and personal development resources including; coaching workbooks, over 20 hours of pre-recorded masterclasses, monthly live-taught workshops, guest speaker sessions & an optional private ‘members only’ community on Facebook.

There’s also a monthly group coaching call where you’ll consolidate your learning, ask questions and access accountability and support.

A bit about me & why I can help...

I’m Sarah Clarke. Mum, wife, optimist and self-confessed personal and career development geek.

I’m on a mission to help talented women unlock their potential and find more happiness at work, by showing them how to design their best work lives – on their terms.

I’ve worked as a senior leader in the fields of employee happiness, personal and culture development for nearly 2 decades and am incredibly passionate about the professional potential of women in particular.

I left the corporate world of employee engagement and development in 2016 and went freelance.

I then set up my own career and leadership development coaching business, Shine Brighter Consulting Ltd., in March 2018. 

Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of talented women (and a few men!) reconnect with their unique strengths, values and personality preferences to rebuild their self-belief; enabling them to unlock their potential and shine brighter in their careers and businesses.

I’m really proud to have been featured in Forward Ladies Top 20 Coaches list for 2021 and to have had an article published in Stylist Magazine earlier this year.

My profound interest in personality and human potential was confirmed when I qualified as a strengths and performance coach over a decade ago.

Between 2006 and 2007 I certified in the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and Gallup’s CliftonStrengths psychometric assessments. And in 2011, I became certified to conduct Hogan’s Leadership Forecast Series which I now use throughout my 1:1 coaching programmes.

My approach is very much science-backed and is informed by positive psychology and neuroscience insights. I also certified as a Mental Health First Aider in 2020.

Before starting my own career and leadership coaching business, I held various senior HR leadership positions within several fast-paced and dynamic organisations in the tech start up and online world including, Yahoo!, The Digital Property Group (now Zoopla) and the online insurer, Simply Business; each one with their own unique and vibrant culture. All of these companies epitomise innovation, passion and creativity and these values have helped shape my own work philosophy.

Originally from Nottingham, I now live in Buckinghamshire with my husband, two young daughters and cat!

You can read more about my career story, qualifications, clients and experience here.

Sarah Clarke Shine Brighter Career Coach

Kind words from happy clients

“Last week, I finished four months of [1:1] careers coaching with a truly fantastic woman, Sarah Clarke of Shine Brighter.

After her help I now feel fearless, exuberant, flying. I now have clarity on my values, strengths that I didn’t even know I had and an artillery of redefined skills and superpowers at my disposal.

I have so much more confidence in myself and my abilities and, although I’ve so much work left to do, I know I can bloody well do it.

So a huge THANK YOU, Sarah – you have indeed made me shine brighter!"
Felicity Haythorn
Copywriter & Founder - Haythorn Copy

1:1 Female Founder Coaching
“I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your help this year.
You have really been the most incredible support and ignited my thinking. Working with you has really helped clarify who I am, what’s important to me and the value I have.

On top of that it is rare to find someone you really connect with and I definitely found that with you.
Sophie Allard
Senior Marketing Leader to Leadership & Engagement Coach

1:1 Coaching
“I was looking for a change in career and had started to explore the possibilities of what that could look like. A family member pointed me in Sarah's direction as being brilliant at helping clients to identify their strengths, purpose and core values. I was aiming to get clarity from the Shine programme and working with Sarah really helped me on my journey. Sarah's positivity, insight, gentle nudging combined with her ability to tease out what made me tick, my passion for work and life is a real talent. Coaching with Sarah saw me go through the programme and gave me the confidence to make life-changing decisions, to focus on what makes me happy and be brave in setting up a business. I would highly recommend working with Sarah and being part of any programme she runs!"
Bex Whitehead
Communications Director to Career & Life Coach
“I just finished the SHINE [group] Program and I didn’t want it to end!

Sarah is AMAZING to work with and the program exceeded my expectations on every level.

Prior to the program I felt like I had a good handle on my strengths, but was really struggling to articulate them and bring them to life.

Working with Sarah helped me take a step back and deeply look at my values.
It was the piece that really made it all come together. I hadn’t ever really stopped to think about or unpick my values in that way.

I finished the course feeling empowered and much more positive about my future. Thank you so much for all your help Sarah!”
Mary Muncy
Director - Technology Operations - Industry Change and Promotion

Group Coaching & 1:1 Leadership Coaching
“Having recently completed Sarah’s [group] Shine coaching programme, I can wholeheartedly recommend others consider it if they’re feeling blocked, uninspired or feel like they need a warm, supportive hand to get them back on track.

I loved the methodical nature of Sarah’s framework and had multiple lightbulb moments as I worked through the different exercises.

It felt so indulgent and so amazing to allow myself time to focus on what I actually want, rather than what works for everybody else and it’s given me loads of clarity about moving forwards – what to look for, what to look out for and how I can be happier in my professional life.

Sarah is so passionate and engaged with your story that her energy alone fires you up and her experience and insight will definitely inspire you.

I’m recommending the course to everyone I know at the moment!”
Emma Young
Emma Young
Director & Founder - The Responsible Business Company

Group Coaching Programme
I am so pleased I participated in the SHINE [group] programme.

Sarah is warm and intuitive and guides you through the course, taking you through thought-provoking and revealing exercises at each stage, coupled with weekly group video calls (which were so much more inspiring than I had anticipated).

The other women in the group were so supportive and I felt that I learned something from all of them, despite us being in a variety of different situations. Sarah creates a friendly and open dialogue throughout and empowers each member to uncover their own insights which is truly valuable.

I am so excited for my next step now after going on this hugely revealing journey.

I can’t thank Sarah enough and would recommend her to anyone who feels they have lost their work mojo.”
“The help, support and guidance you’ve given me to help unpick the massively confusing state of head / career / what it is I am good at / what it is I want to do, has been just fantastic. Thank you SO much.”
Lou Prior
Director - Prior PR

1:1 Female Founder Coaching
"Working with Sarah was a real joy and I looked forward to all of our [1:1] sessions together.

Before we started I was confused about what I should be doing with my career, couldn't really pinpoint what I was good at and had had my confidence knocked by a few bad clients.

However, throughout Sarah's SHINE program, I managed to unscramble what interests me, the work I enjoy, and what I am good at.

HOORAY! Identifying my values and strengths and where I should be focusing my energies, has really spurred me to not settle for work that doesn't align with me or bring me happiness.

I would highly recommend Sarah!"
"Sarah is fantastic at helping you to understand more about what you're naturally good at, what your strengths are and how you can focus on those areas to excel.

I've loved working with Sarah - her warm and encouraging style, as well as her breadth of knowledge and experience, have made working with her really enjoyable.

If you want support to remind you of what you're best at and the motivation to go for it, I'd highly recommend Sarah."
Samantha Sturrock
Career Break to Employment

1:1 Coaching & Membership
“The 1:1 SHINE programme with Sarah was such a positive experience and helped me make some huge changes in my business and personal life.

Sarah is incredibly warm and skilfully guided me on a personal journey to take more control over my career. I was stuck in a rut, feeling low and unable to see a way forward.

I now know my strengths and where to focus my time and energy in order to reach my goals.

I would recommend Sarah and the 1:1 sessions to anyone.”
Claire Gillespie
Creator & Founder - Oglee Poglee

1:1 Female Founder Coaching

Corporate clients & work experience

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