If you’re keen to make any kind of change in your professional life, I’ll help you get unstuck so that you can unlock your potential and decipher your true purpose through my signature  1:1 S.H.I.N.E  and group (online) and face-to-face career coaching programmes. 

I’ll help you reconnect with who you are, what you’re really great at and what you truly want and need from your work life in order to flourish, be successful and feel fulfilled again. 

Get ready to learn how to unlock your potential at work and design a professional path that will align authentically with your personal values whilst allowing you to play to your innate strengths every day. 

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I’ll help you navigate a significant career transition such as maternity leave, promotion, long term sickness or redundancy so that you can confidently navigate and grow a fulfilling career which is aligned authentically with your unique values and strengths. 

I do this through friendly and supportive 1:1 career, leadership and return-to-work coaching and mentoring; either directly or in conjunction with your employer.

Get ready to shine even brighter in your professional life.



One such significant life event for me was becoming a mum. I’ve personally found motherhood to be the most fulfilling and rewarding job on the planet.

BUT… being a mum is just one important role I will play in life.
I’ve tried really hard not let it define me or derail my career forever.  As a mother of two young girls, I know just how easy it can be to forget who you were before you became ‘Mum.’

So, if you feel anything like I did after the birth of my first child, you may be keen to:

  • Reconnect with your unique strengths, values and professional purpose
  • Boost your confidence levels
  • Reignite or redirect your career
  • Start your own business
  • Return to work with confidence after a career break or maternity leave
Am I closer?
If so, my career development coaching & mentoring will really help you get unstuck.
Whatever your stage in motherhood or whatever significant life event you are working through.

Take a look at my blog posts “Mum’s the word” and “Do what lights you up”  and my articles “Don’t let becoming a mother end you career” and “Confessions of a Returning Mother” to read more about my story and motivations for coaching talented women.



    • Maternity leave – supporting you before, during and after
    • Return to work – helping you navigate this often tricky transition with confidence
    • Loss of confidence and identity – reconnecting you with your strengths, passions and professional purpose
    • Negotiating flexible work patterns – bringing up the ‘f’ word at work, making it work for you and your employer
    • Career cross-roads and conundrums – considering new and exciting business ventures, careers or opportunities
    • Showing them what you’ve got to offer – articulating your USPs to prospective employers, customers and clients
    • Setting up your own business/ going freelance – leaving the traditional 9-5 and entering a brave new world
    • Taking your business to the next level – boosting your confidence, reconnecting you with your USPs and purpose
    • (Re-) Building your personal brand and profile – blowing your own trumpet in a way that feels authentic to you
    • CV and interview tips – making every word count and wowing them once you’re through the door




With over 15 years coaching experience as a qualified strengths and performance coach and extensive commercial experience as a Head of Talent Development & Engagement, I am well-equipped to provide practical and friendly career coaching support and access to various personal development and psychometric tools, which I am certified to administer. 


I’m not your traditional career coach in that my techniques are based around positive psychology and the science of personalities and employee happiness. If you like the thought of finding out what makes you tick and what you’re great at through psychometric assessments and personality insights, you’re in for a treat!


My style is informal and lighthearted; balanced with a careful mix of both challenge and support. It’s so important that you feel completely at ease with the person who is going to help you move forward, so building a rapport with you from the word go is always my primary objective. 

I use the powerful insights generated by psychometric tools to help reconnect you with your own unique passions, professional purpose, values and strengths.

This enhanced self-awareness of what you’re great at and what’s important to you (your personal and professional purpose), will help you reignite or redirect your career in a way that will allow you to play to your strengths and authentically act in alignment with your values, every day of your working life.

You’ll also learn which of your personality traits and behaviours might get in the way of your success, sabotage and damage your reputation. I will help you devise strategies to mitigate the risks of these potentially de-railing tendencies and maximise your chances of success in achieving your career or business goals.

Read more about my career coaching style in here. I have also developed a bespoke S.H.I.N.E COACHING FRAMEWORK that will give you a better idea of my approach.



  • Is returning (or not returning!) to work on your mind? 
  • Have you lost confidence in your own personal and professional capabilities or strengths and aren’t sure what options (flexible or otherwise) are out there?
  • Would you like help and advice on how to achieve the holy grail that is ‘work-life balance’ through flexible working?
  • Do you need reassurance that you can juggle all your important roles of mother, partner, income-earner, friend and family member?
  • Has motherhood perhaps provided you with a welcome sense of perspective and you are now considering a career change but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you have a brilliant idea for a new business but are struggling the muster the confidence, clarity and accountability to kick things off?
  • Are you self-employed and struggling with a crisis of confidence or disconnect with your USPs and values? Is imposter syndrome is rearing its ugly head?
  • Have you lost your sense of identity or purpose and can’t see past your (albeit vital) role of ‘Mum’?
  • Although you love being a mum but is the seemingly relentless day-to day grind starting to get you down? Do you feel stuck in a rut and really want to do something about it?
  • Are your children becoming more independent? Perhaps you’ve started to think about spending some rediscovering your strengths and reassess your values, in order to help you work out how you want to spend your free time and do something for you again?

If so, I can help.  As a qualified strengths and performance coach, I help you design and grow your best work life; so that you can unlock their potential and shine brighter.

I offer career development and mentoring programmes either 1:1 or in a group setting;  in the form of either online or face-to-face programmes. 

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