Why should you invest in your Female Talent?

We all know that gender diversity is good for society as a whole. It’s also pretty good for business.

In fact, according this report by McKinsey’s, companies with higher levels of gender diversity are 15% more likely to outperform their industry’s average. In the same study, in the UK, for every 10% increase in gender diversity on executive boards, company profits rose by 3.5%.

One of the key drivers of gender imbalance is the attraction and retention of more women at senior levels. Research tells us that with more flexible working patterns, greater support on returning from maternity leave, professional, career development coaching and better career progression opportunities, these women are likely to be more confident, resilient and therefore higher performing.

Thus enhancing the likelihood that they will stay in the workforce longer and ultimately improve the gender imbalance at senior levels in an organisation.

Other business benefits include:

  • Increased female talent retention reduces attrition costs
  • More women develop and progress in their careers
  • Greater diversity at senior levels in the organisation
  • Supports business diversity and inclusion strategies (gender pay gap and balance in leadership roles)
  • Encourages engagement, loyalty and performance and promotes wellbeing
  • Maternity and returner coaching support reduces potential grievances, legal actions and absenteeism
  • Attracts new female talent – especially if it’s a market differential – which improves your female talent pipeline
  • Demonstrates your commitment to support your female employees and develop their career

Career development & leadership coaching benefits:

  • During a period of transition, such as a career break, parental leave, long term sickness, another significant life event or promotion; coaching acts as the catalyst for change and positive action.
  • When a high potential individual or leader is looking to increase their impact at work, coaching using insights from psychometric tools enhance their level of self-awareness and therefore personal effectiveness and success.
  • Coaching enables individuals to reconnect with their own personal and professional purpose, values, drivers and strengths in order to build career confidence and raise their own personal profile in the workplace.
  • Coaching helps high potential employees or future leaders identify their strengths, drivers and potential de-railers; helping them flourish, progress their career and ultimately unlock their true potential at work.
  • When an individual’s performance or motivation has slipped, performance coaching enables them to better leverage their strengths, become more productive, successful and motivated; acting as the catalyst for meaningful and sustainable improvement.
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"I wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for taking me on my SHINE journey! The 1 to 1 coaching throughout the whole process has taught me how I can do my role even better and reminded me where my strengths lie. I have learnt a lot over the past 6 months and the personalised Hogan test results provided real insight. These have really helped me to rebuild my confidence and self-belief in what my strengths are, what my values are, and taught me how one feeds in to the other.

Essentially I have rediscovered what makes me unique, what I excel at and how I can build more of this in to my role – which equates to a win win situation! The last two sessions in particular have given me lightbulb moments of “that’s what I excel at and need to do more of!” It has also reinforced that AIG Life’s values match my own, making it a fantastic company to work for."
Sarah Burgess
Protection Team Leader - AIG Life
"The whole experience of working with Sarah and what I have learned about myself and my professional self has simply been transformational. I know that that’s quite a bold statement but it’s how I feel. If there were other women in our organisation struggling to believe in themselves, their own abilities and strengths then I could not recommend Sarah’s coaching enough. I’m going to stay connected with Sarah through her group programme initially – working with Sarah has helped me accept that sometimes to be achieve our best, we need help and support. Sarah – I’ll be in touch to set that up soon. So thank you again – it has made such a positive impact on me on so many levels."
alison esson
Alison Esson
Protection Propositions Manager - AIG Life

My coaching style & credentials

As a qualified performance and strengths coach and in my roles in talent development and engagement, I’ve been helping leaders, managers and high potential employees from a wide range of industries unlock their professional potential for over 15 years. You can read more about my work experience here.

I am also certified to administer and deliver various psychometric assessments, including MBTIThe Hogan Leadership Forecast Series Assessment and Gallup’s CliftonStrengths.



I’m a firm believer that coaching should result in tangible, practical actions so I often use insights from the psychometric tools I mention above in order to bring my sessions to life.

By adopting a pragmatic yet positive, strengths-oriented philosophy when coaching; I provide my clients with a healthy balance of both challenge and support. Many of the individuals who I have coached have subsequently gone on to request group workshops for their own teams in order to help them work together more effectively.

Through psychometric-based, supportive 1:1 coaching and group workshops, I reconnect brilliant women with their own unique personal and professional values, strengths and purpose; thus boosting their engagement, confidence and performance levels.

Employee Engagement & Workplace Culture Consultancy

If you’re a collaborative and people-centric organisation, I’d love to help you cultivate a colourful and inclusive workplace culture where your best people – even parents – will do their best work, now and in the future.

Working closely with your Talent and Leadership teams, I’ll help you create entirely bespoke and sustainable culture and engagement strategies that align your company’s brand values authentically and seamlessly with your internal workplace culture.

The corollary is a purpose-driven, inclusive, engaged and high performing culture and happy team.

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