As a qualified performance and strengths coach and in my roles in talent and organisational development, I have been helping leaders, managers and high potential employees from a wide range of industries unlock their professional potential. I am certified to administer and deliver various psychometric assessments, including MBTIThe Hogan Leadership Forecast Series Assessment and Gallup’s CliftonStrengths.


I am a firm believer that coaching should result in tangible, practical actions so I often use psychometric tool insights to bring my sessions to life. By adopting a pragmatic yet positive, strengths-oriented philosophy when coaching; I provide my clients with a healthy balance of both challenge and support. Many of the individuals who I have coached have subsequently gone on to request group workshops for their own teams in order to help them work together more effectively.

Through psychometric-based, supportive 1:1 coaching and group workshops, I reconnect brilliant women with their own unique personal and professional values, strengths and purpose; thus boosting their engagement, confidence and performance levels. I work with women who are keen to reignite, reinvigorate or redirect their career, either directly, via public-workshops and talks or in conjunction with their employers as part of an in-house personal development, leadership or returner programme.

When can career and leadership coaching help?

  • During a period of transition, such as a career break, parental leave, long term sickness, another significant life event, role change, or promotion. Coaching acts as the catalyst for change and positive action.
  • When a successful leader or manager is looking to further develop an enhanced level of self-awareness, after going through 360 feedback or as part of a personal development plan. Coaching ensures the insights gained from psychometric tools add another layer of data to this feedback. This can be useful when creating a compelling and actionable personal and professional development plan.
  • When a leader wishes to reconnect with their own personal and professional purpose, values, drivers and strengths in order to build career confidence, raise their own personal profile in the workplace in a way that is authentic to them.
  • When a high potential employee or future leader needs support in identifying their strengths, drivers and blind spots.Coaching ensures these insights allow the individual to flourish, progress their career and ultimately unlock their true potential at work.
  • When an individual’s performance has slipped and they want to learn how to better leverage their strengths in order to become more productive and successful, career coaching can be the catalyst for meaningful and sustainable improvement.

Please take a look at the ethos section for more information about what I value and how I operate. It is vital that both a coach and a prospective client’s general philosophies are aligned in order for the sessions to be as impactful as possible!