Are you fed up of freelancing?

Going freelance is a common stepping stone out of the corporate world. In fact, it was the exact path I took myself. And it worked out really well for the 3 months I did it for.

The promise of freedom, flexibility, autonomy and ‘working on your terms’ is a huge lure of going freelance!

But the reality can often feel less than alluring when you end up:

– Selling your time for money
– Working with misaligned clients
– Giving away your valuable IP
– Having little influence over the process or project
– Becoming a faceless freelancer wfh
– Receiving very little (if any) recognition for your contribution
– Relinquishing the relationship with your end client
– Giving up 20%+ of your day rate to agencies
– Compromising on your work life balance boundaries
– Doing meaningless work so you can pay the bills
– Feeling like ‘just another cog in a corporate wheel’

I could go on…

But starting your own purpose-led business and ‘going it alone’ can feel utterly terrifying because so much is out of your comfort zone;

– You have to get clear on your why, mission, purpose and brand story
– You have to identify those dreamy clients whose problems you want to solve
– You have to package your uniqueness into value-adding products and services that people will actually want to buy
– You have to reinvent yourself and build a new personal brand
– You have to get visible and ‘sell’ yourself and your value to perfect strangers

And perhaps most importantly, you really have to BELIEVE in yourself and the value of what you’re offering to the world.

Because if you don’t believe in your own value, why will anyone else?

If this transition from employee/freelancer to founder mindset is something you’d like a hand with, I have an intimate, nature-inspired future founder container called The Orchard 🌳

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