Female Founder Group Coaching

Shape & start a happy, profitable business around your personality, purpose & personal life.

In just 6 months.

What is The Orchard?

The Orchard is a nature-inspired, intimate 6-month, group coaching programme and community; grounded in positive psychology and designed especially for purpose-led future female founders. 

If you’re planning your escape from your 9-5 to and ready to explore working for yourself in 2023, The Orchard will provide you with a friendly, nurturing community and a step-by-step strategy to grow your seed of an idea into a happy, profitable,YOU-shaped business.

Build your self-belief and become part of something magical. ✨

 Learn all the mindset and business strategies you need to confidently shape and start a beautiful, profitable business that aligns authentically with your purpose and fits your personality like a glove. 

All in as little as 2-3 hours a week over 6 months.

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Emma Crane Testimonial

Are you a future founder?

🌳COVID (amongst other factors) has brought into sharp focus just how unhappy you are in your career. 

🌳You long for the autonomy, freedom and flexibility to do work on your terms.

🌳You wish you could do work that had more meaning and actually made a difference to someone or something.

 🌳You want to be an inspiring role-model to your children, nieces or nephews; to show them work doesn’t need to make you unhappy.

🌳You’ve had a seed (or seeds!) of a business idea for over a year now, but that pesky voice in your head keeps telling you should do the ‘responsible’ thing and stay in your 9-5 and that you’re just not the ‘entrepreneurial type’…

Your biggest obstacles to starting your own business are:

  • You only have a vague idea what kind of business to start that will make you happy (but also make you money)
  • You’re unsure of the actual steps you need to take to shape and start a business
  • You don’t know what products and services you ‘should’ offer
  • You’re struggling working out who will buy even these products and services!
  • You lack the confidence and self-belief to market yourself and your business
  • You also want a low-risk escape plan to transition out of your 9-5 into your business, to minimise the impact financially 

How to get unstuck and reset

You might be thinking...

🤷🏻‍♀️ Where on earth do I start?

🤷🏻‍♀️ Which business strategies & models should I use?

🤷🏻‍♀️ How do I package my skills and expertise?

🤷🏽‍♀️ What’s the ‘best way’ to do it?

🤷🏽‍♀️ The thought of selling myself makes me cringe…

🤷🏼‍♀️ How will I find people who actually want to buy my thing?

🤷🏼‍♀️ Can I really make money from doing something I find fulfilling?

🤷🏼‍♀️ How do I practically transition out of my 9-5?

🤷‍♀️ I’m worried I’ll feel lonely working on my own.

🤷‍♀️ How can I avoid burning out (again)?

🤷‍♀️ How can I make sure my idea is financially viable?

🤷🏾‍♀️ What if people laugh at me? Maybe I’m too old?

🤷🏼‍♀️ How I can make sure my new business is sustainable?

🤷🏻‍♀️ How will I stand out from all the other {insert your new business idea}?

🤷‍♀️ Wouldn’t I be throwing away my entire career to date?

🤷🏾‍♀️ I think I’ll wait another 6/12 months/ until the kids start school or leave home so I have more headspace/ until I feel ‘ready’…

But what if work could feel like this?

✨ You get to decide when you work, the work you do & with whom you do that work.

✨ You have the freedom, flexibility and autonomy to work around your family and caring commitments.

✨ Your work patterns support your mental & physical health; affording you great work/life balance.

✨ Your messaging speaks effortlessly to dreamy clients who can’t wait to work with you.

✨ You’re in flow when you deliver your products and services.

✨ Your marketing & sales feel breezy and sleaze-free.

✨ Your work feels fulfilling & you’re making a you-shaped dent in the world.

✨ Your work makes you a happier wife/ partner, mother, aunt, daughter, niece, friend.

✨ Sunday Night Blues & office politics are a distant memory.

✨You feel confident in your unique value & feel proud sharing your offers.

✨ Every day you work with people who ‘get you’ & appreciate your gifts.

✨ You’re armed with mindset strategies to squish your inner critic & imposter syndrome.

✨ The only cap on your earning potential is your mindset (& your business strategy).

✨ You know intuitively what’s right for your business & happiness.

"After Sarah's help I now feel fearless, exuberant, flying. I now have clarity on my values, strengths that I didn’t even know I had and an artillery of redefined skills and superpowers at my disposal."

After 6 months in The Orchard, you'll know how to:

😍 Design a business that fits in around the lifestyle you crave, your loved ones & your happiness.

🌳 Build strong, sustainable foundations that will ensure the viability and profitability of your business.

🚀 Define your authentic, purpose-led mission & clarify your you-shaped business brand.

🧲 Identify dreamy ideal clients you’ll want to work with & effortlessly attract them with magnetic content.

⚡️ Uncover your unique blend of strengths, skills & experience that your ideal clients will want to pay you for.

💝 Package your uniqueness into products & services you’ll love to offer (& your dream clients will love to buy)

💸 Use hustle-free, feel-good marketing & sales strategies that align with your personality, strengths & values.

In short, The Orchard programme and community will give you the confidence and a step-by-step plan and business strategy to shape and start a business that aligns authentically with your personality, purpose and the lifestyle you crave.

You’ll identify the’ WHY (purpose, brand story, values, mission), the WHO (ideal clients), the WHAT (products and services) and the HOW (sales and  marketing strategies) of your brand new you-shaped business.

With a ready-made network and community of inspiring like-minded female founders, cheering you on every step of the way, you’ll also develop the confident founder mindset that’s so essential when you start working for yourself. 

founder coaching
"Coaching with Sarah gave me the confidence to make life-changing decisions, to focus on what makes me happy and be brave in setting up a business. I would highly recommend working with Sarah and being part of any programme she runs!"

Your support over 6 months

During your 6 months in The Orchard you’ll receive:
  • 3 or 6 x monthly 1:1 coaching and mentoring calls at key milestones to reward your progress, keep you accountable, overcome mindset blocks (when you opt for the Holly or Oak packages).
  • 6 months’ access to monthly walking coaching group calls* over zoom (on your phone) where you can ask questions, gain support and accountability, be inspired by fellow founders, prompt your intuition; all whilst getting some exercise!
  • 6 months’ access to fortnightly zoom coaching group calls* where you can ask questions, gain support and accountability, be inspired by fellow founders and get real-time feedback on your ideas.
  • 6 months’ access to monthly implementation and co-working sessions –  “The Potting Shed” – where you can take action in your business, access expert help and guidance and be inspired by your fellow founders.
  • Lifetime access to online coaching & business strategy modules (as outlined below under the tree images) to walk you step-by-step through the programme; via drip-fed, bite-size videos and worksheets.
  • Life-time access to live and recorded guest expert sessions – on topics such as sales, marketing, email marketing branding, money mindset, copywriting and seasonal living.
  •  A private facebook community – to connect with your fellow founders, access additional support, resources and be inspired.
  •  A beautiful Work Happy Journal from Papier where you can capture your journey from lost to found(er) during your time in The Orchard.


  •  A business text to inspire you on your purpose-led, entrepreneurial journey.


  •  20% discounted access to additional 1:1 support and psychometric tools during the programme.
  •  No strings cancellation policy** valid up until the end of month 1 (Module 2).
* Group calls will be held during school term-time only. Dates available upon request.

** All I ask is that you give the programme your best shot, attend all the group calls, watch all the videos and complete all the exercises in the workbooks.

"Sarah is warm and intuitive and guides you through the course, taking you through thought-provoking and revealing exercises at each stage, coupled with group video calls."

A programme structure
inspired by Mother Nature

I’m passionate about harnessing the wisdom and power of the natural world when it comes to making ‘business bette’r – not something you probably ever came across in your 9-5. 😉 That’s why you’ll find all the supporting course content in The Orchard is arranged into ‘seasons.’

Each season has a different energy and with it a corresponding unique phase that your beautiful new business will grow through. Forget everything you’ve been told about the way business ‘should be done’.

I’d love you to reject the patriarchal always-on, hustle culture you might have experienced in your 9-5. And instead, I’ll show you how to create a feminine, anti-hustle business inspired by your own personality, purpose, cycles (if you have them), the seasons (and even the moon if you feel so inclined.)

Read on to see what you can expect from each ‘season’ of the programme.

Winter – Build your strong business foundations 

Winter is a time for doing work ‘beneath the surface’. Often an underrated part of starting a business. We’ll dig deep into your story, intrinsic motivations, the legacy you want to leave.

These will then determine your your purpose or ‘why’; and ultimately your business’ mission. 

Putting down these deep roots (values) will form the foundations of your business; anchoring and nourishing it for years to come.
We’ll also start the important work of curating a confident ‘founder mindset.’ Spoiler alert! It’s a bit different from your old corporate one! 

Spring – Package your uniqueness into offers 

Spring is a season for growth. For your deeply anchored roots (values and purpose) and strong trunk (mission and vision) to tentatively push out beautiful new ‘branches’ into the world.

Your ‘branches’ here are your strengths-based products and services that will bring your values to life, align with your why, execute on your mission and ultimately serve your dream clients and customers.

The ‘leaves and blossom’ that will then grow from your branches represent your unique personality and your approach to business – your personal and business brand.
Your uniqueness is what you’ll become known for and what’ll make you stand out from the crowd. Your dreamy  clients will be drawn to your unique brand of magic.

Summer – Share your magic with your dream clients 

Summer is the season of taking those first, tentative steps, showing your true colours, reaching out to your dream clients, getting visible, marketing yourself and starting to put yourself out there.

(Yes, even if you’re naturally more introverted – there are ways to make it feel less daunting!) This is where you’ll test the waters and see if your budding business idea has potential.

This is not a phase of big scary leaps into the unknown (unless of course you want it to be!) It’s more about taking meaningful, aligned action towards your business vision through a series of iterative mini projects, experiments and baby steps.
I’m all about making this phase of your business growth feel as ‘doable’ and comfortable as possible. As you can imagine, you’ll also need to do quite a bit of work on your confidence and mindset during this phase of the process.

Autumn – Harvest the fruits of your labours 

Autumn is renowned for being the season when things start to slow down after the high energy of the Summer months.

The days start to get shorter, we’ll start to turn inward once again and reflect on our learning and achievements throughout the ‘year/ programme. ’

It’s also about harvesting the fruits (apples!) of your labours – both of your mindset and your business strategy – in the form of income, impact and happiness.
Seeing your plans and dreams come to fruition, letting go of things like thoughts, beliefs and habits that are no longer serving you; just as the trees shed their leaves and let go.
It might also be a time for pruning and tweaking if you already have your own business. Evaluating, recalibrating, refining, prioritising those ideas, plans and boundaries that will ultimately make for a happier, you-shaped business.

What does 'you-shaped' even mean?

I’m all about helping you start a business that is you-shaped. In other words, a business that feels so aligned with your personality and purpose that it feels like an extension of who you are; fitting seamlessly into the rest of your life.

It stands to reason that if you’re wanting to create a ‘you-shaped’ business that your first port of call has to be reconnecting you with who YOU really are. 

The woman who you were before the corporate world told you who to be…

Together we’ll explore the following questions:

📖 What’s your unique story?

💓 What’s your purpose and why?

🤲🏻 What problems are you uniquely qualified to help others solve?

🙏 What really matters to you?

🌍 What dent do you really want to make in the world?

⚡️What drives and motivates you?

💝 What are you innate talents, gifts and valuable skills?

🧠 What are your natural personality preferences

😩 What’s your stress profile?

🚧 Which self-limiting beliefs are holding you back?

That’s why over 50% of the work we do in The Orchard is self-discovery.

Reconnecting with the real you again.

Because knowing yourself exquisitely helps you take the guess-work out of 99% of the decisions you’ll have to make in your business. 

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Kind words from brilliant founder clients

“I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your help this year. You have really been the most incredible support and ignited my thinking. Working with you has really helped clarify who I am, what’s important to me and the value I have. On top of that it is rare to find someone you really connect with and I definitely found that with you.”
Sophie Allard
Marketing Leader to Culture & Leadership Coach
Felicity Haythorn
"After Sarah's help I now feel fearless, exuberant, flying. I now have clarity on my values, strengths that I didn’t even know I had and an artillery of redefined skills and superpowers at my disposal. I have so much more confidence in myself and my abilities and, although I’ve so much work left to do, I know I can bloody well do it. So a huge THANK YOU, Sarah – you have indeed made me shine brighter!”
Founder - Haythorn Copy
claire g
"Working with Sarah was such a positive experience and helped me make some huge changes in my business and personal life. Sarah is incredibly warm and skilfully guided me on a personal journey to take more control over my career. I was stuck in a rut, feeling low and unable to see a way forward. I now know my strengths and where to focus my time and energy in order to reach my goals."
Founder - Oglee Poglee
bex whitehead
"Coaching with Sarah saw me go through the programme and gave me the confidence to make life-changing decisions, to focus on what makes me happy and be brave in setting up a business. I would highly recommending working with Sarah and being part of any programme she runs!"
Bex Whitehead
Communications Director to Career & Life Coach
hannah vb
"Sarah is full of interesting insights and is clearly experienced in steering you towards your own answers. Her group program has felt like a rare glimpse into me, the person I should know the best. Turns out I had a lot to learn! I’m walking away clear on my strengths and values and how I might move forward with those. Definitely recommend to anyone having a work wobble! An unexpected bonus was meeting a lovely, supportive group of intelligent women!”
Hannah Van Buskirk
Founder - HVB Marketing
"Working with Sarah was a real joy and I looked forward to all of our sessions together. Before we started I was confused about what I should be doing with my career, couldn't really pinpoint what I was good at and had had my confidence knocked by a few bad clients. However, throughout Sarah's SHINE program, I managed to unscramble what interests me, the work I enjoy, and what I am good at. HOORAY! Identifying my values and strengths and where I should be focusing my energies, has really spurred me to not settle for work that doesn't align with me or bring me happiness. I would highly recommend Sarah!!!!"
Founder - Hatch
Stephanie Rackley
"Sarah is warm and intuitive and guides you through the course, taking you through thought-provoking and revealing exercises at each stage, coupled with weekly group video calls (which were so much more inspiring than I had anticipated). The other women in the group were so supportive and I felt that I learned something from all of them, despite us being in a variety of different situations. Sarah creates a friendly and open dialogue throughout and empowers each member to uncover their own insights which is truly valuable. I am so excited for my next step now after going on this hugely revealing journey. I can’t thank Sarah enough and would recommend her to anyone who feels they have lost their work mojo.”
Senior Marketing Manager to Founder at Just Peachy Creative
"My head was all over the place. I felt a little lost. I'd lost my sense of purpose after giving up my career. I loved being mum and wife...but yearned for a purpose in addition to those things, separate from those things. Something for me, that would help me but also help others! That gave me a sense of satisfaction. That’s when I found you! I had some ideas about what I wanted to create but hadn’t formalised anything. You helped me so much. You helped boost my confidence at a time when I needed it more than you’ll ever know. You made me believe my idea had legs and could be great! "
Career Break to Founder - The Happy Me PT
"Sarah gave me the confidence to make some significant changes that I'd previously been too apprehensive to approach, and I couldn't be happier that I did."
Founder - Children's Emotions Coach

Select the package that's right for you...

I offer 3 different packages with varying levels of support, depending on your available headspace, insights, the amount of accountability you’re looking for and the investment you’d like to make. 

N.B All packages include 1:1 coaching support at key milestones except The Apple Package.

Or if you’re based within easy reach of Central London and looking for a more intensive, VIP experience, take a look at my SHINE Day by clicking here.

There’s also a 10% discount on my services if you’re still on maternity leave or you’ve recently been made redundant. Drop me a line on [email protected] to find out more.

Previous & existing clients save £400

✨And if we’ve worked together before in either my 1:1, group coaching programmes or you were a member of my Shine Collective membership for at least 6 months, you can join The Orchard up from only £199/ month (for 8 months)*. 

A total saving of £400 off the total price of the programme.  There’s no time limit on this offer.✨

Drop me a line on [email protected] to take advantage of this offer.

Select the package that's right for you...

The intimate, friendly feeling in the group plays a huge part in what makes the Orchard community and programme so special.  As such, it’s only available to join at certain times throughout the year and enrolment is by application only.

The Apple Package

The Apple Package

£249per month x 8
12 x 60 min Group Calls
6 x 60 min co-working calls
Lifetime access to 12 x online modules
Guest Speaker Sessions
Private Facebook Community
Work Happy Journal
Business Text
Access to discounted calls & psychometrics

The Holly Package

£374per month x 8
12 x 60 min Group Calls
6 x 60 min co-working calls
Lifetime access to 12 x online modules
Guest Speaker Sessions
Private Facebook Community
Work Happy Journal
Business Text
Access to discounted calls & psychometrics
3 x 90 min 1:1 Calls
3m Voice Note Coaching

The Oak Package

£490per month x 8
12 x 60 min Group Calls
6 x 60 min co-working calls
Lifetime access to 12 x online modules
Guest Speaker Sessions
Private Facebook Community
Work Happy Journal
Business Text
Access to discounted calls
6 x 90 min 1:1 Calls
6m Voice Note Coaching
Hogan Psychometric Tool
2 x 90 min Hogan 1:1s

Why I can help

I’m Sarah Clarke. Mum, wife, optimist and self-confessed personal and career development geek.

I’ve worked in the fields of employee happiness and organisational development for nearly 2 decades and am fascinated by – and incredibly passionate about – the professional potential of women in particular.

I’ve held several leadership positions at a number of start-ups and helped shape their cultural values and purpose-led people strategies.

I left the corporate world of employee engagement and development in 2016 when I was made redundant (and in the early stages of pregnancy with my second daughter) and went into freelance culture consultancy.

In March 2018, after my second maternity leave, I set up my coaching business and made every mistake in the book! I matched my corporate Head of Talent salary in just under two years but could have really benefitted from the wisdom in this programme!

Since then I’ve helped hundreds of talented women reconnect with their unique value, purpose, personalities and inner self-belief.

I’m now on a mission to help purpose-led women like you escape your unfulfilling 9-5 career and design a happy, purpose-led business, on your terms. This programme will help you overcome all the challenges I personally faced when I started my own business.

My profound interest in personalities and human potential was confirmed when I qualified as a strengths and performance coach over a 15 years ago.

I’m also certified to conduct MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator), Hogan’s Leadership Forecast Series and Gallup’s CliftonStrengths psychometric assessments which I use throughout my coaching practise.

My approach is informed by positive psychology and neuroscience insights.

Before becoming a freelance career and leadership coach, I held various senior HR leadership positions within several fast-paced and dynamic organisations in the tech start up and online world including lastminute.com, Yahoo!, The Digital Property Group (now Zoopla) and the online insurer, Simply Business; each one with their own unique and vibrant culture.

All of these companies epitomise innovation, passion and creativity and these values have helped shape my own work philosophy.

Originally from Nottingham, I now live in Buckinghamshire with my husband, two young daughters and cat!

You can read more about my work experience here.

Sarah Clarke Shine Brighter Career Coach

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Not quite ready to commit to a package?

I totally get it.

Investing in yourself can feel really daunting, especially if you’re not used to putting yourself first very often!

If you’re not ready to go ‘all in’ and commit to a package of coaching just yet, I offer an ad hoc 90 minute SPARK coaching session for £275 where we can focus on a particular challenge you’re facing in shaping or starting your business.

This can be anything from unpacking your confidence blockers or self-limiting beliefs to identifying your strengths and preparing for an interview or big client pitch.

You can book and purchase this SPARK session by clicking on the button below.

Or if you’re based within easy reach of Central London and looking for a more intensive, VIP experience, take a look at my Shine Day here.

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If you’re passionate about shaping and growing a happy, you-shaped, purpose-led business, I share loads of free resources and content on social media so please do connect with on your favourite platform.

I’m @theworkhappinesscoach on instagram, facebook (where I also have a free Facebook group called The Work Happiness Playbook).

I’m here on Linkedin and I also have a newsletter called Work Happy Words, where I regularly share handy hints and tips as well special offers and early bird discounts to my various programmes and packages.

Alternatively you can drop me a good old fashioned email on [email protected] or book a free no strings call using the button below.