VIP Shine Day

Shine Day Founder Coaching Sarah Clarke

What is a VIP Shine Day?

Life is hectic. ūüôÉ

And carving out time every week to work on your business  (as opposed to in it) can feel impossible.

But taking a full day (or two half days) out to focus on your business can somehow feel a bit more manageable!

And there’s literally no bigger act of ‘professional self-care’ like getting away from your home office (or kitchen table) to focus on YOU and your beautiful business hopes and dreams.

That’s why I created the Shine Day. Think of it as a spa day for business. ūüíÜūüŹľ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ

Is the Shine Day right for you?

The Shine Day is the perfect option for you if:

  • You’re located within easy access of Central London and the Allbright women’s members’ club in Mayfair, London
  • You like the idea of a more indulgent professional development experience
  • You learn and make progress by talking things through and bouncing ideas off someone¬†
  • Time is of the essence and you want to take action promptly – you really mean business!
  • Perhaps you have a busy career or business that; when combined with family life, leaves you little ‘me time’ for any personal or professional development
  • You feel that taking a day (or two half days) out of your busy schedule is more doable than joining a 6 month group programme & community¬† (how I work with founders in The Orchard) or working together 1:1 over a 6 month period

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What's involved?

After an initial informal chat call on Zoom (you can book one of these¬†here) to agree your objectives and goals for our time¬† together, we’ll arrange to meet at¬†the gorgeous Allbright¬†women’s private members’ club in Mayfair, London (or¬†another mutually convenient venue of your choosing**).

Over the course of our time together (approximately 6 hours spread over the course of 1 day or 2 x half days), we’ll work through your Work Happiness Business Blueprint (see below);¬†your unique blueprint for professional happiness and success in your purpose-led business.

¬†During¬†The Shine Day (in either one full day or 2 x half days) we’ll discuss:

  1. Your business WHY
  2. Your business WHO
  3. Your business WHAT
  4. Your business HOW
Here’s a little more detail on each one:
1. Your business WHY¬†–¬† crystal clarity on¬†why¬†your business exists in the first place. The problem(s) that it’ll solve in the world. This will usually be connected to your own¬†purpose and story¬†in some way, and be deeply rooted in your personal¬†values¬†when you build a purpose-led business.
2. Your business WHO¬†–¬† ¬†decipher¬†who¬†you’d like to¬†help solve these problems for. The ‚Äėyou‚Äôd like to’¬†bit is key here. They’ll share your values, appreciate your gifts, resonate with your story and most probably ‚Äėfeel like home‚Äô when you meet them. Oh, and these people also have to be willing to¬†pay you¬†to help them solve these problems unless you want to build an expensive hobby as opposed to a profitable business!
3. Your business WHAT¬†–¬† design¬†products and services¬†you’d like to offer,¬†which would also solve the afore-mentioned problems for the afore-mentioned people. As before, the ‚Äėyou‚Äôd like to’¬†bit is also key here. If you want to operate within your ‚ÄėZone of Genius‚Äô, these offerings will leverage your unique blend of skills, knowledge, experience and innate talents. In other words, your¬†strengths.
4. Your business HOW¬†– define your unique ‚Äėsecret sauce‚Äô or¬†brand personality¬†and everything that it will inform; your messaging, customer experience, tone of voice, visual brand etc. When applied consistently and cohesively, your own special brand of magic will illustrate and enable points 1., 2. and 3.
We’ll also identify marketing¬†and¬†attraction¬†strategies that align with your natural¬†personality preferences¬†and¬†values.
This will help you create more ease and flow in your business. Plus it’ll help you feel more confident about sharing your message. 
Work Happiness Business Blueprint

For an investment of £1250* you'll get:

  • At least 6 hours face-to- face VIP 1:1 coaching at the Allbright¬†(worth over ¬£1400)
  • Refreshments at the¬†Allbright
  • A light lunch at the Allbright (when you choose the full 1 day option)
  • A glass of fizz (or two!) to celebrate all your hard work!
  • Office hours email support for 1 month after our time together
  • A 1:1 follow up call to support your with your next steps within 3 months of your session – worth ¬£299

(*payment plans are available upon request)


(**face-to-face sessions held elsewhere may incur travel expenses)

Happy Shine Day Clients

"I had been searching around for someone to help support in creating a focus for my business moving forward. I really wanted help in making my intentions and business ethos clear to all my past and future clients. The Shine Day with Sarah was honestly the best thing for helping my confidence as a business woman and truly helping in affirming my hopes for the future and how I can get there. We worked on getting super clear on my offerings and how I can showcase these to my clients. What makes my business stand out from the rest and helps it be unique. It came at the perfect time as I was making big moves in my personal life, so being able to continue the theme into my business life was great. I'm so grateful to Sarah for her support, not only on the day but also the months after. She really cares and is a great cheerleader. I highly recommend working with her!‚ÄĚ
"Before I met Sarah I was doing what I thought I should be doing based on everyone else's benchmarks and expectations. I was so lost with who I was personally and professionally! I was trying to do everything and please everyone, but then after my intensive Shine Day, it all changed.

Sarah helped me to identify my strengths and to know my own truth. I implemented some changes straight away, and even now I'm still using her guidance to finesse my business. I'm so grateful to Sarah, as without her I know I would still be working on the wrong business, and not working towards my happiness! Confidence is a long road but Sarah has really helped me to build mine. I'm incredibly excited about the future - thank you Sarah.

Upgrade your Shine Day experience

Add the Hogan psychometric assessment (which looks at your Values, Strengths, De-railers, personal brand and reputation) + an extra 2 x 90 minute feedback sessions for £850.

Or if you would like to work with me 1:1 over the course of a few weeks or months, I occasionally open places on my 1:1 Founders package which might be of interest. Click the image below for more information.

6 month group founder programme & community - The Orchard

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a purpose-led community of future and fledgling female founders, you might be interested in my signature founders programme, The Orchard.

The Orchard is a unique, nature-inspired  6-month, group coaching programme and community; grounded in positive psychology and designed especially for future and fledgling female founders. 

Whether you’re thinking of leaving your 9-5 to work for yourself or you’re already self-employed but feeling a bit lost, The Orchard will provide you with a step-by-step, nature-inspired business and mindset strategy to grow your seed of an idea or fledgling start-up into a happy, profitable, purpose-led business.

All on your terms. Click the image below for more details.

Not quite ready to commit to a package?

I totally get it.

Investing in yourself can feel really daunting, especially if you’re not used to putting yourself first very often!

If you’re not ready to go ‘all in’ and commit to a package of coaching just yet, I offer ad hoc 90 minute SPARK coaching session¬†for ¬£299 where we can focus on a particular challenge you’re facing in your work life.¬†

This can be anything from unpacking your confidence blockers or self-limiting beliefs to defining your brand essence to preparing for or big client pitch.

You can book and purchase this SPARK session by clicking on the button below.

Have you downloaded my free founder workbook?

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I’m @theworkhappinesscoach on instagram, facebook.

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