The surprisingly simple secret of the most successful businesses in the world.

Purpose¬†is one of those elusive topics that seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongues in a post-pandemicūü§ěworld. Crisis is often a common trigger for individuals to seek out more of it in life. When our very mortality comes into question, we start to ask ourselves¬†‚ÄúWhat’s the point of it all?” and ‚ÄúWhat’s the dent I want to make in the world?‚ÄĚ

That’s why significant life events can prompt the need to reset and recalibrate. They make us dig deep and question everything. Covid has been one such trigger, as documented by the numerous articles about¬†The Great Resignation.

Motherhood and being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease provided me with two such nudges in my own life.

After nearly 2 decades of working in the fields of employee and organisational development, it was always a no-brainer for me to place¬†Purpose¬†at the very core of my¬†Work Happiness Blueprint¬© –¬†my signature framework for happy, productive, engaged teams and founders; several years before the purported post-Covid ‘Purpose Crisis’¬†became apparent.

The Power of Purpose on People

Research shows that people who claim to live purposeful lives are more likely to:

  • Live¬†longer¬†and¬†healthier¬†lives
  • Be more¬†resilient; recovering better from negative events
  • Report higher levels of¬†wellbeing¬†5 x higher than those who don’t
  • Feel 4 x more¬†engaged¬†at work
  • Experience 50% higher levels of¬†intrinsic motivation

Working (and living) in alignment with your¬†values¬†and¬†purpose¬†also feels great and adds real meaning and fulfilment to your day-to-day, whilst also benefitting the world in some way.¬†What’s not to love?

The Power of Purpose in Business

The power of purpose doesn’t only benefit people,¬†it’s also phenomenally good for business too.¬†

ūüí∑ According to research by¬†McKinsey,¬†‚Äėpurposefulness‚Äô in employees is positively correlated with their¬†profitability.

ūüďą According to research by¬†Deloitte, purpose-led brands tend to¬†grow 3 x faster¬†than their competitors.

ūüíď And the ever-inspiring¬†Simon Sinek¬†reminds us that¬†“People don’t buy¬†what¬†you do, they buy¬†why¬†you do it”.¬†Purpose-based messaging speaks to the subconscious where decisions are made in the brain, which is pretty cool.

‚ö°ÔłŹ David Hieatt, the author of the brilliant¬†DO/ Purpose – Why brands with a purpose do better and matter more,¬†perfectly describes purpose as being¬†“the multiplier of energy”.¬†

(Everyone who joins my signature founders programme,¬†The Orchard,¬†¬†receives a copy of this brilliant book. It’s short but very sweet so I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy!)

Put simply, purpose-ful work boosts creativity, resilience and motivation because what you do aligns with your values and the dent you want to make in the world.

Need a hand shaping your own purpose-led business or team?

Maybe all this talk of purpose-led business has whet your appetite?

Perhaps you’re keen to learn how to shape, start and grow a happy, you-shaped business around your own values, purpose and personality?

I’m opening the doors again to my signature 6-month future and fledgling founders programme,¬†The Orchard, in mid June.ūüĆ≥ The welcome call will be on¬†Tuesday 14th June at 12:30pm GMT.¬†

If you’re reading this after this date, drop me a line and I’ll let you know when the next welcome call will be.

What is The Orchard?

The Orchard, is my nature-inspired, anti-hustle, 6-month group programme that will show you step-by-step, exactly how to grow a happy, profitable business that aligns with both your purpose and your unique personality.

I’ve channelled nearly 2 decades of shaping and developing purpose-led, people-centric businesses and 5 years experience of building my own happy, profitable coaching consultancy into this programme. I’ve then added a dash of positive psychology and personality theory. ūü߆

A pinch of business strategy plus a good dollop of neuroscience, blended together with the cyclical wisdom of Mother Nature ūüĆĪ has resulted in this unique hybrid, self-directed course, with added group coaching support¬†(plus monthly 1:1 coaching and psychometric insights too, if that’s what you’re after.)

Who's The Orchard for?

It’s perfect if you’re starting out on your self-employed journey and want to shape and start a happy, YOU-shaped business in just 6 months. It’s also ideal for you if you’re a fledgling founder in need of a little work happiness ‘course-correction’ in your existing self-employed business.

The welcome call will be on Tuesday 14th June at 12:30pm. 

(If you’re reading this after this date,¬†drop me a line¬†and I’ll let you know when the next welcome call will be.)

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