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You you escaped the world of 9-5 employment a little while back (well done, you!🥳) and you’ve been running your own self-employed or freelance business for some time now (at least 12+ months) – on either a full or part-time basis.

You’ve been duly following all the advice, attending all the workshops, reading all the books on mindset, listening to all the podcasts, joining all the memberships, essentially doing all the things business owners are ‘supposed’ to do…

BUT… you worry that you’re dangerously close to burnout, the endless comparison on social media, your overwhelming to-do list and a large dose of imposter syndrome mean that you’ve started to wonder who you are and why you even started your business in the first place.

You’re even wondering if your Great Aunt Maud was right all along; and if you should just go and get ‘a proper job’ after all… 

Despite your very best intentions, you’re struggling to maintain momentum and keep your initial spark, motivation and enthusiasm for your business alive.

You’ve been thinking…

😕 I started this business to to find more freedom & flexibility so why am I chained to my laptop day & night?

😕 A nice reliable, monthly paycheque seems so appealing right now.

😕 I miss my colleagues & having a team around me to keep me accountable and bounce ideas off.

😕 I’m really struggling to make progress in my business & keep getting distracted. (hello, instagram.)

😕 I’m saying ‘yes’ to projects just to pay the bills, not because they light me up.

😕 I’m attracting the wrong kind of clients & my confidence has been knocked by a couple of bad experiences.

😕 I know I ‘should’ be more visible on social media but the thought of it fills me with dread.

😕 I have no idea what to say in my marketing- all my ideas have dried up.

😕 I left my 9-5 to have time with my family & prioritise my mental health & yet I feel worse than ever.

😕 I’ve lost sight of why I started my business in the first place, what I want to do & who I really want to help.

😕 Sometimes I worry that I’ve created a monster & feel like throwing in the towel or going back to my 9-5!

I get it. Really I do. I’ve been there. And still find myself there quite often too.

(Which is why I invested in my own business coach!)

This is exactly why I created this is special mindset and business strategy coaching package designed entirely around you and your individual work and business needs.

This 1:1 package will ensure you achieve your wildest career or business goals through a careful mix of accountability, challenge, confidence and mindset coaching  and mentoring support.

 So you’ll get to feel like this about your business instead:

 ✨ You get to decide when you work, the work you do & with whom you do that work.

✨ You have the freedom, flexibility and autonomy to work around your family.

✨ Your work patterns support your mental & physical health; affording you great work/life balance.

✨ Your messaging speaks effortlessly to clients you can’t wait to work with.

✨ You’re in flow when you deliver your products and services 

✨ Your marketing & sales feel authentic and sleaze-free

✨ Your work feels fulfilling & you’re making a you-shaped dent in the world.

✨ Your work makes you a happier wife/ partner, mother, aunt, daughter, niece, friend.

✨ The Sunday Blues & office politics are a distant memory.

✨You feel confident in your unique value & feel proud sharing your offers.

✨ Every day you work with people who ‘get you’ & appreciate your gifts.

✨ You’re armed with mindset strategies to overcome your inner critic & imposter syndrome.

✨ The only cap on your earning potential is your mindset (& your business strategy).

✨ You know intuitively what’s right for your business & happiness.

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Is this package right for you?

This package is for you if you’re looking for:

  • Support with re-defining your own vision and definition of success for your career or business
  • Accountability to revisit (and recalibrate if necessary) your work-life balance boundaries
  • A cheer-leader to keep you accountable and on track with your career or business goals
  • Someone to help you align these business or career goals with your personal values 
  • Help with overcoming your mindset blockers such as self-limiting beliefs & imposter syndrome
  • A sounding board with whom you can clarify your offer and value
  • Someone to help you prep for the ‘big stuff’ such as presentations or client pitches
  • Continual support to help you maintain momentum with your business plans
  • Regular clarity and confidence-boosting check-in calls
  • An objective, ex-HR leader ‘work buddy‘ and mentor with whom you can work through any people or organisational challenges or crises of confidence you might be facing
  • A friendly reminder of your innate talents, strengths and the value you add through your USPs
  • Assistance in creating your own authentic personal brand, getting more visible so you can raise your profile at work or in your business
  • Mentoring support in your HR consultancy or career coaching business from someone who ‘gets it’ after 4 years of running a successful career and coaching consultancy (so you can learn from my mistakes to fast track your success!)
  • work wing (wo)man or ‘fellow small business buddy‘ who has your back, whatever the weather!
  • The opportunity to revisit and recalibrate your boundaries and priorities based on your core values
  • A work and small business mentor to help you grow your career or business in a way that feels natural and totally authentic to you.

How does it work?

 Every month you’ll get access to:

  • 2 x 90 min 1:1 coaching session over Zoom (or face-to-face if you’re local to Chesham, Bucks)
  • Unlimited office hours coaching and mentoring support Tues – Thurs – via email and Voxer between sessions
  • Access to my signature founders’ programme, The Orchard – Lost to Found(er), packed full with business strategy and self-discovery coaching content.

Investment starts at £5000 for 6 months of 1:1 coaching support. Monthly payment plans are available at no extra cost.

OR  I offer an ad hoc one off 90 minute coaching & mentoring session for £299 called a SPARK session which you can book and purchase by clicking on the blue button below.

If you’d like to find out more and see if we’d be a good fit, please click the button below to apply for a FREE 45 min Strategy call call. I’d love to hear from you.

6 month founders' programme & community

The Orchard – Lost to Found(er)  is a nature-inspired, intimate 6-month, group coaching programme and community, grounded in positive psychology and designed especially for female founders in their first two year of business.

In just 6 months, you’ll learn how to shape a profitable, purpose-led business by packaging up your uniqueness, without the hustle culture of the traditional corporate 9-5 world. 

Whether you’ve decided to leave your 9-5 to work for yourself or you’ve been in business for 12-18 months but you’re feeling a bit lost, The Orchard – Lost to Found(er) programme and community might be the perfect fit.

Click on the image above for more details.

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