Group Career Coaching Programme

Find out who you are & do it on purpose

aka 'The Dolly Programme'

Is The Dolly Programme right for you?

My “Find out who you are & do it on purpose” group career coaching programme (aka ‘The Dolly Programme’, as it’s named after the wonderful Ms Parton’s classic quote!)  is perfect for you if you’re ready to create more happiness, meaning and success in your work life.

You’ll also experience a serious boost in confidence and self-belief when you start to appreciate the unique value you have in the world of work and business; and discover what would make you happier and more successful in your work life.

This group work happiness and confidence coaching programme will help you find out exactly who you are, what makes you tick and what would make you happy, professionally speaking.

You’ll also get crystal clarity on your best next steps in your work life. Whatever that looks like for you.

Maybe you want to completely re-design your career, make a few tweaks or even start your own business. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t clear on your exact destination yet. That’s what the programme will help you uncover.

It’s designed to help you do exactly what its name suggests. “Find out who you are & do it on purpose.”

sarah clarke shine brighter

So if you want...

  • To find more meaningpurpose and fulfilment
  • Crystal clarity on your next steps
  • A self-belief and confidence-boost
  • To quieten your inner critic
  • To reignite your motivation levels
  • To unlock your professional potential
  • To get ‘unstuck‘ & make a plan
  • Take action to create a work life you love
  • To reconnect with what you’re great at
  • To take back control of your career
  • To sense-check a business idea you’ve had 
  • To do something for YOU for a change…!

…or you’re just intrigued to find that elusive ‘sweet spot’ where your passions, talents and experience collide with a need in the world; all whilst allowing you to enjoy family life…then The Dolly Programme is for you.

With bi-weekly group coaching calls, training videos, live taught masterclasses, workbooks and coaching exercises to work through over 16 weeks, I’ll guide you step-by-step through my tried and tested SHINE© coaching framework that has helped hundreds of women (myself included!) find more happiness, confidence and success in their work lives.

You’ll also receive 5 months complimentary access to my career and personal development membership club, The Shine Collectivewhere you’ll have access to loads of additional resources including; masterclasses, workshops, workbooks, guest speaker sessions, monthly group coaching calls and a friendly private Facebook group where you’ll be able connect with a network other talented work happiness seekers. (worth over £200)
"Each exercise brought lightbulb moments and greater clarity"
Jo Gregory
Associate Partner - Recruitment

How are you feeling about your work life?

If the last 18 months have left you questioning what it is that you actually want out of your work life, then you’re by no means alone. You might have read about the global phenomenon that is the “Great Resignation“.

I speak to women on a daily basis who feel worryingly on the cusp of burnout, as their boundaries between ‘work’ and ‘home’ have become increasingly blurred since the pandemic began.

For others this ‘enforced pause’ has made them question what’s really important to them and what would make them happy in their work life. Perhaps you can relate.

Maybe you’ve been furloughed or made redundant or perhaps you’re unsure as to whether your industry sector will even survive the pandemic?

Or perhaps you were feeling stuck, lost, frustrated and unfulfilled at work even before COVID put your career change plans on hold.

If all the uncertainty in the world has given you a dose of perspective and you’re re-evaluating how you want to manage the imbalance between work, family and your mental health, then you’re in the right place.

It’s time to create your own unique version of work happiness. On your terms. Read on if you’d like to stop working on auto-pilot and take back control of your career.

Are you ready to find out who you are and do it on purpose?

What do you want your new 'work normal' to be?

In the rush to return to normal
"Sarah is warm and intuitive and guides you through the course, taking you through thought-provoking and revealing exercises at each stage."

Whatever your reason for wanting to find more happiness and success in your work life, now is the time to get clear and make plans so you can be first out of the starting blocks come the new year.

If you want to feel like you’re making significant steps towards your long-term career and work happiness plans, boost your confidence and carve out a little ‘me time’ in the form of some personal and professional self-discovery, this 16-week online career coaching and confidence programme will add structure, an evidence-based approach and friendly support to your thinking.

Create your own Work Happiness Blueprint©

Work Happiness Blueprint

How will it work?

Every two weeks, we’ll work through a phase of my signature SHINE© coaching framework. It’s the exact same framework I use with all my 1:1 coaching clients. We’ll work through this framework together to create your very own Work Happiness Blueprint© (see the image above .)

Take a look at the programme plan below to see what you can expect to cover week by week.

Although my approach is informal, intuitive and light-hearted, it’s incredibly evidence-based and grounded in positive psychology and neuroscience.

Programme Plan

Weeks 1-2

S is for

Uncover clues about who you really are and what makes you happy & successful at work.

Weeks 3-4

H is for

Visualise, explore & define your own unique vision of work happiness & success.

Weeks 5-6

I is for Insights
~ Values ~

Decode your core values and decipher what’s really important to you about your work.

Weeks 7-8

I is for Insights
~ Strengths ~

Identify those unique talents that make you valuable & special at work.

Weeks 9-10

I is for Insights
~ Personality ~

Identify what makes you tick & understand how your personality preferences play out in your work life.

Weeks 11-12

N is for

Create your own Work Happiness Blueprint© & use it to explore new career  & business paths for a happier work life.

Weeks 13-14

E is for

Pull together a practical but compelling action plan to bring your ultimate work happiness vision & purpose to life.

Weeks 15-16

Confidence &

Work through any confidence crushers & mindset blocks such as imposter syndrome & self-limiting beliefs that might get in your way.

What outcomes can you expect?

As the self-appointed ‘Work Happiness Coach’™ my mission is to help talented women design their best work lives, unlock their professional potential and shine even brighter in all areas of their lives.

Of course, the definition of ‘shining brighter‘ is such a personal thing; but by the end of this 16-week course and committing only 90 mins per week to the coaching exercises, masterclasses and group calls, you can expect to have: 

  • Enhanced professional confidence
  • Unrivalled self-awareness
  • Insights into how you can unlock your potential
  • An appreciation of your unique value 
  • A personalised “Work Happiness Blueprint”© for a happier & more successful work life
  • A clear & compelling action plan for the best next steps for you
  • A brand new, curated network of like-minded brilliant women who have your professional back

Are you ready to feel motivated and excited about your work life again?

Isn’t it time you put your own happiness first for a change…?

Have a read of the testimonials below to see how the programme has helped others.

If you’re ready to reconnect with who you are, what makes you tick, what you’re great at and what you truly want out of your professional life, click the button below to reserve your spot on the next group work happiness and confidence programme, Find out who you are and do it on purpose.

sarah clarke shine brighter
"Sarah is so passionate and engaged with your story that her energy alone fires you up and her experience and insight will definitely inspire you."
Emma Young
Emma Young
Founder and Director - The Responsible Business Company

What can you expect for your investment of £899*?
(*or 4 x monthly payments of £249)

  • 16 weeks of career coaching and mentoring support 
  • 8 x bi-weekly group coaching calls  – held over Zoom  on a Thursday evening at 7:30pm (these will be recorded so you’ll always be able to watch the replay if you can’t make the live session)
  • A combination of 8 x bi-weekly pre-recorded training videos and live masterclasses (also available on replay)
  • 8 x downloadable workbooks, packed with of coaching exercises, templates and theory
  • small, friendly group to optimise the personal attention you’ll receive
  • 1 x 45 minute 1:1 follow-up coaching call via Zoom  worth £125
  • 5 months full access to my career and personal development membership club content and group coaching calls, in The Shine Collective(worth over £200)
  • Lifetime access to all the programme training materials, templates, videos and masterclasses

You’ll also have the option to ‘bolt-on’ additional 1:1 coaching calls via Zoom or a Psychometric Assessment at discounted rates if you’d like extra support and insights.

I also offer a 10% discount to those on maternity leave or to anyone who has recently been made redundant or furloughed.

"I just finished Sarah's Group Program and I didn’t want it to end! Sarah is AMAZING to work with and the program exceeded my expectations on every level."
Mary Muncy
Mary Muncy
Director - Travel & Tech Industries

This is what you'll get

8 x Masterclasses

Bite-size bi-weekly pre-recorded & & live training sessions via Zoom which you can join live or catch up on replay at any time.

8 x Workbooks

A bi-weekly downloadable workbook crammed full of theory, coaching exercises & templates to support your learning at each phase of the programme.

Membership Access

5 months access to additional resources, masterclasses, guest speaker sessions, workbooks & group coaching calls via my career development membership. (worth over £200)

8 x Group Coaching Calls

A bi-weekly group coaching call via zoom where you can ask questions, connect with others & be inspired. (recorded if you can’t make them live.)

Facebook Community

5 months’ access to a supportive community & ready-made network of like-minded, brilliant women via a private Facebook group. 


1:1 Coaching Call

You’ll also get a 45 min 1:1 zoom coaching call with me after you’ve completed the programme to help you take action. (worth £125)

"I’m walking away clear on my strengths and values and how I might move forward with those."
hannah vb
Hannah Van Buskirk
Founder - HVB Marketing

Upgrade to 'VIP' for £399*

For a more personalised experience, you can upgrade your group programme to include an additional 3 x 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom.

Please note that these VIP spaces are limited so early application is advisable if you’d like to upgrade.

Happy Group Programme Clients

"I just finished Sarah's Group Program and I didn’t want it to end! Sarah is AMAZING to work with and the program exceeded my expectations on every level. Prior to the program I felt like I had a good handle on my strengths, but was really struggling to articulate them and bring them to life.

Working with Sarah helped me take a step back and deeply look at my values. It was the piece that really made it all come together. I hadn’t ever really stopped to think about or unpick my values in that way. I finish the course feeling empowered and much more positive about my future. Thank you so much for all your help Sarah!"
Mary Muncy
Director - Travel & Tech Industries
"I am so pleased I participated in Sarah's Group programme. Sarah is warm and intuitive and guides you through the course, taking you through thought-provoking and revealing exercises at each stage, coupled with weekly group video calls (which were so much more inspiring than I had anticipated). The other women in the group were so supportive and I felt that I learned something from all of them, despite us being in a variety of different situations. Sarah creates a friendly and open dialogue throughout and empowers each member to uncover their own insights which is truly valuable. I am so excited for my next step now after going on this hugely revealing journey. I can’t thank Sarah enough and would recommend her to anyone who feels they have lost their work mojo."
"Thank you, Sarah for running your Group program. I know for me, and many others who can’t afford 1:1 coaching, this is an excellent way to engage with you and your framework, with the added benefit of having a group of peers involved in the process. I cannot tell you how much I have gained from the sessions and the accompanying workbook.

Each exercise bought lightbulb moments and greater clarity. When exercises and sessions combined it felt like shining a light on what had previously seemed murky and untouchable….only to show it was actually just a little lost and frustrated, but definitely keen to bloom!! Sarah’s SHINE framework is so adaptable to light touch through to intensive 1:1 coaching that no matter how you engage with her you are guaranteed to walk away feeling not only a greater degree of clarity around who your work self is and what you should be doing (or working towards), but you will also be inspired and energised."
Jo Gregory
Recruitment Associate
"Sarah is full of interesting insights and is clearly experienced in steering you towards your own answers. Her Group program has felt like a rare glimpse into me, the person I should know the best. Turns out I had a lot to learn!

I’m walking away clear on my strengths and values and how I might move forward with those. Definitely recommend to anyone having a work wobble! An unexpected bonus was meeting a lovely, supportive group of intelligent women!"
Hannah Van Buskirk
Founder - HVB Marketing​
"Having recently completed Sarah's Group coaching programme, I can wholeheartedly recommend it to others if they're feeling blocked, uninspired or feel like they need a warm, supportive hand to get them back on track.

I loved the methodical nature of Sarah's [SHINE] framework and had multiple lightbulb moments as I worked through the different exercises. It felt so indulgent and so amazing to allow myself time to focus on what I actually want, rather than what works for everybody else and it's given me loads of clarity about moving forwards - what to look for, what to look out for and how I can be happier in my professional life.

Sarah is so passionate and engaged with your story that her energy alone fires you up and her experience and insight will definitely inspire you. I'm recommending the course to everyone I know at the moment!"
Emma Young
Emma Young
Director, The Responsible Business Company

How were you feeling about your career before you started the programme?
Uninspired, fed up, lacking in motivation.

How are you feeling about your career now?
Energised, focused and excited for the future.
Becky, Market Research Lead

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